8.9 mi

Elevation gain

194 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

194 ft

Max elevation

188 ft



Min elevation

55 ft

Trail type





March 10, 2022


March 2022

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188 ft
55 ft
8.9 mi

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near Wortham Ling, England (United Kingdom)

Park at Wortham Ling on The Doit. Head NE avoiding the road where possible.
There is a short sunken leg where walkers have used a field perimeter to the right.
Before the A1066, turn left into Fen Lane.
At the end, turn right, north, and cross the A1066.
Use the field perimeter path north of the main road and head west.
After only 90 metres, turn right, north, on a footpath.
At tarmac, head north into Common Road.
After 800 metres there is a footpath to the left, west.
If the missing bridge has been replaced, use this.
Otherwise continue north for another 150 metres. Turn left, west. Turn left, south.
Turn right, west, on the path you wanted in the first place.
After the field crossing, the hedge gap needed pruning to get through.
Turn left, south, for 50 metres.
At the electricity pole, turn right, west and cross the open field.
Continue west, hedge right.
Cross another field. Follow the reinstated path if this exists.
Otherwise head NW, 292 degrees, aiming for woodland and Folly Lane.
Head north, then west, along Folly Lane. At a house, continue west on the signposted path.
Cross another open field, 286 degrees, to Fersfield Lane.
Head north along Fersfield Lane, then very soon, west into Hall Lane.
After 300 metres, turn left, SW, on a footpath between fields.
This path bends right, then left, and finally emerges on Wilney Green.
Head west along Wilney Green for 260 metres.
Turn left, SW, on a footpath. At the A1066, cross over and head left, east, for a few paces.
Turn right, south, into Fen Street.
After 50 metres, turn right, west and cross the Hundred River.
Continue west to Pooley Street and turn left, south.
At a junction, bear left, SE, along Silver Street for 180 metres.
Bear right, due south, on a smaller path, avoiding the private track.
This path becomes wet and marshy and might be impassable in very wet weather.
Head south across the River Waveney. Continue south to Low Road.
Head left, east, along Low Road. Follow right and left bends.
After farm buildings, turn right, south, between fields, hedge left.
Kink left and right and continue south, hedge right.
Turn left, east, towards woodland and later Slade Lane.
Turn left, north along Slade Lane. Turn right, east, soon SE, between fields.
The wide track bends right, south. Leave the wide track and head SE across an open field.
At Magpie Hill, turn left, east, and head to Saint Mary's Church.
From the NE corner of the cemetery, head NE across two fields of grazing.
At woodland, head left, north, still in the meadow, woods right.
This path gradually bends right, east, to Rectory Road.
Turn left, north. The Angles Way is signposted along the tarmac lanes.
There are nicer heathland paths to the left of the lanes.
After 550 metres, cross Ling Road and head north along The Doit, back to the car park.

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Car park

TM 08872 79793, Wortham Ling

  • Photo of TM 08872 79793, Wortham Ling
  • Photo of TM 08872 79793, Wortham Ling
TM 08872 79793, Wortham Ling

Missing Bridge


Flood and Mud


Pruning Needed

Religious site

Saint Mary's Church

  • Photo of Saint Mary's Church
  • Photo of Saint Mary's Church
  • Photo of Saint Mary's Church
  • Photo of Saint Mary's Church
  • Photo of Saint Mary's Church
  • Photo of Saint Mary's Church
Saint Mary's Church


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