7.87 mi

Elevation gain

82 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

82 ft

Max elevation

77 ft



Min elevation

4 ft

Trail type





March 23, 2022


March 2022

Weather Forecast

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77 ft
4 ft
7.87 mi

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near Herringfleet, England (United Kingdom)

Park in The Street in Somerleyton near the old Post Office.

Head NE along The Street following the Angles Way.
Merge with the B1074, NE, village sign right.
The village sign commemorates Sir Christopher Cockerell invention of the hovercraft.
Continue NE then turn right, north, into Market Lane for 580 metres.
After one field, 400 metres, turn left, north.
After 850 metres, turn right, east.
This is no longer on the Angles Way. Head east along Snake's Lane to Lound.
At the pond and Village Maid, turn right, south along The Street.
Turn first right, SW, along Earth Lane.
Bear left, SW, off the tarmac. This path bends left, eventually south.
After woodland left, turn right, east, woodland left.
After half a field, bear right, SE, and cross the field diagonally.
At Green Lane, turn right, SW.
After the farm, turn left, east. This path soon bends right, south.
After 70 metres, turn left, east, and cross the open field via the solitary tree.
At Flixton Road, turn right, south, for 500 metres.
Turn right, SW, hedge right.
The path bears left and right and continues SE, hedge left.
Turn right, left, right, left, left, right, left, right and emerge on Blundeston Road.
Turn left and cross the B1074. Head south, hedge left for three fields.
Turn right, west, later NW, along Waddling Lane.
Bear left, west, still on Waddling Lane. The track bends right north.
Turn left, SW, along Station Road.
70 metres before the railway line, turn right, NW, along a woodland track.
Bear left, NW, off the main track and head into the boatyard.
Head through the parked boats, bending right, NE.
After the boatyard gate, kink left and right through a hedge gap.
Head east, houses left.
At the Street, turn right for the Old Post Office or left for the Dukes Head pub.

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Car park

Somerleyton Old Post Office, TM 48492 97312


Somerleyton, Dukes Head

  • Photo of Somerleyton, Dukes Head
Somerleyton, Dukes Head

Lound, Village Maid

  • Photo of Lound, Village Maid
  • Photo of Lound, Village Maid
  • Photo of Lound, Village Maid
  • Photo of Lound, Village Maid
Lound, Village Maid


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