10.36 mi

Elevation gain

135 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

135 ft

Max elevation

130 ft



Min elevation

-5 ft

Trail type





March 19, 2022


March 2022

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130 ft
-5 ft
10.36 mi

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near Ditchingham, England (United Kingdom)

Park at Ditchingham, Green Lane. Avoid the village hall car park.

Head SE along Green Lane. Turn left, SW, to Old Yarmouth Road.
Head south to the A143 and cross over at the island.
Head south to Pirnhow Street and turn right, west.
Use the pleasant grassy area, right of the road.
Head south and cross the road into the sport centre car park.
Head to the SW corner of the car park and head onto the playing fields.
Head to the SW corner of the playing fields and turn left onto Ditchingham Dam.
Head south for 50 metres, then left, east, into a meadow.
Head east, following the playing fields perimeter, boundary left.
Head NE after the end of the playing fields for 110 metres.
Turn right, SE, into another field, hedge left.
After 60 metres, turn left, NE, hedge right, to another gate.
Go through the gate and head east, diagonally across the last field.
After the final gate, head SE along Pirnhow Street.
Take care. It's narrow and there is traffic.
Head SE. Cross the Waveney at the mill buildings.
Head SE to the B1062 and turn left, east for 175 metres along the main road.
Turn right, SE, up a short steep bank and climb the hill, good views behind.
At Vicarage Lane, continue ahead, SE.
At the right bend, continue ahead, SE, on the footpath to Rectory Lane.
Cross the lane and head SE into a woodland path (not the open field).
Head SE, later south, to Castle Road. Turn right, east for 800 metres.
Ignore the right bend and continue east on a farm track.
The track bends left and right, east. Continue for 450 metres.
Turn left, north, hedge left.
With several kinks, follow this field perimeter north, hedge left to the B1062.
Some walkers divert through the restored alms houses.
Turn right along the main road.
Soon after Saint Bartholomew's church, turn left, north, Hillcrest right.
At a stile, don't cross. Instead, turn right, NE, diagonally across the field.
Exit the field over a stile and turn right, east, and head to Locks Lane.
Turn left, north at Locks Lane. This soon bends right, east.
Turn left, at an obvious gate and head north ditch left. This meadow floods in winter.
Cross the Waveney and head north past the Geldeston Locks Inn, right.
Locks Lane bends left and soon right, north.
At Station Road, turn left, west, for nearly a mile.
Turn right, north, into Braces Lane. This soon bends left, NW.
At a right bend, continue ahead, west, into a field, boundary left.
After 135 metres, bear left, SW, and cross the field diagonally.
At the disused railway bridge, head west into Station Road.
Follow Station Road as it bends right, NW.
Near the A143, bear left, west, onto the parallel foot and cycle path for nearly a mile, SW.
Turn right and cross the A143. Head NW to Sun Road.
Optionally divert to the Artichoke pub, 140 metres NE.
Head NW along Sun Road. At the village hall, turn left, west, hall left.
Head west across Broome Heath between lakes.
Turn left, SW, lakes left. Head across the common.
After the lakes, bear right, west, and return to the car park.

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Geldeston, Locks Inn

  • Photo of Geldeston, Locks Inn
  • Photo of Geldeston, Locks Inn
Geldeston, Locks Inn

Broom, Artichoke

  • Photo of Broom, Artichoke
  • Photo of Broom, Artichoke
Broom, Artichoke
Car park

Ditchingham TM 34183 91194

  • Photo of Ditchingham TM 34183 91194
Ditchingham TM 34183 91194


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