5.87 mi

Elevation gain

128 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

128 ft

Max elevation

99 ft



Min elevation

13 ft

Trail type





March 19, 2022


March 2022

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99 ft
13 ft
5.87 mi

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near Earsham, England (United Kingdom)

Park in the Roaring Arch layby on the Earsham Dam.

Head east towards Bungay and cross the Roaring Arch bridge.
Turn right, south, river right.
At the footbridge, turn right, NW, and cross over.
Head NE along Church Road.
The Angles Way merges from the left. Continue ahead, NW.
Optionally visit Earsham All Saints church, left.
Turn right, north, on the signposted footpath and head to the Queen's Head.
Optionally visit the pub. Head NE along The Street towards Bungay.
The official line of the Angles Way is along the A143. This is safer and nicer!
Turn left, NW, into Kingsway. Bear left, NW, to the A143.
Cross the busy road with care and cross the stile into the meadow.
Head NW across the field to the lane. Turn left, SW.
Turn right, NW along Marsh Lane for 40 metres.
Turn left, west, along a footpath. Turn right, NW, along Bath Hills Road.
Follow this lane dodging occasional quarry traffic on work days.
The road gradually bends right, NE.
After a gate, turn left and head NW on a footpath avoiding a house, right.
After houses, climb a hill on tarmac to Free Lane.
At a junction and house, bear slightly right, east into woodland.
This leg has fine views over Outney Common, blocked by lush foliage in summer.
This leg can be very muddy and some walkers use the field perimeter, left.
The path bends sharp right, south, and soon bends left, SE.
Drop down to the meadow, through a gate and cross over.
The drive is not a right of way. Head SE to a second gate and go through.
Follow this path SE, later east, to Norwich Road. Cross over to the east side.
Head right, south, and cross the busy A143 at the Chicken Roundabout.
Head south along the Ditchingham Dam.
Cross the river using the path through the maltings avoiding the narrow bridge.
Head south, playing fields left.
The Angles Way for the next leg heads left at the meadow after the playing fields.
Continue south towards Bungay. Cross the Waveny into Bridge Street.
Opposite Nethergate Street, turn left along a narrow alley.
Turn right at the borough well and head SW up steps.
Cross Trinity Street and head SW along Cross Street to the Buttercross and church.
This is a good place to wander.
There are pubs, cafes, shops, toilets and historic sites.
Head east, Bungay Shopper left. Head past Bigod Castle, right.
Turn right, north, down steps and emerge at the Castle Inn.
Turn left, west, along Earsham Street and cross the bridge.
Head SW along Earsham Dam back to the Roaring Arch layby.

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Religious site

Earsham, All Saints Church

  • Photo of Earsham, All Saints Church
  • Photo of Earsham, All Saints Church
Earsham, All Saints Church
Car park

Bungay, Roaring Arch, TM 32939 89647


Bungay, Green Dragon

  • Photo of Bungay, Green Dragon
Bungay, Green Dragon

Earsham, Queen's Head


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