7.36 mi

Elevation gain

164 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

164 ft

Max elevation

178 ft



Min elevation

67 ft

Trail type





March 12, 2022


March 2022

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178 ft
67 ft
7.36 mi

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near Brockdish, England (United Kingdom)

Park in the street near the village hall, Brockdish.
This is located near the south end of Grove Road.
Meet at the little green opposite the hall.

Head west along Scole Road.
150 metres before the A143, turn right, NW, onto a footpath.
Cross the A143 and continue NW to Grove Road.
Turn left, west, along Grove Road.
In Thorpe Abbotts, turn left, SW, along The Street.
After 280 metres, turn right, west, to Highfields Fishery.
The access roads bends right, north.
After the lake on the right, turn left, west.
Kink left and right and continue roughly west, hedge left.
After a house, turn right, NW, along a track, trees right.
After a belt of pines, turn left, west, pine belt left.
At the end of the pine belt, turn right, north.
Kink left and right over a sleeper bridge and continue north.
Turn left, west, on a concrete lane towards Grove Farm.
At the farm, turn right, then left and emerge at Wood Lane.
Turn left, south, into Kiln Lane and head to the A143.
Cross the main road and turn left along the lay-by.
Turn right, pumping station left. Head south to the river Waveney.
Turn left, SE, and follow the river.
On the right, at the Waveney Crotch, the river Dove joins the Waveney.
The path bends right. At a stile, don't cross into the meadow.
Instead, turn left, east, hedge right for two fields.
Turn right, south and follow this track as it bends left, west.
After woodland, left, kink left and right and continue east, hedge right.
After 0.8 miles, the track bends NW. Head to the A143.
Just before the main road, turn right, east, towards Brockdish.
Continue east along The Street for 100 metres.
Turn left, north, for 100 metres, repeating this short leg.
Before the main road, turn right, NE, parallel with the A143.
Turn right, east, through a gate into a field towards the church.
Head along Church Lane. Optionally turn right to visit the church.
Continue east along Church Lane. Turn right, SE, along Church Road for 50 metres.
Turn left, east, houses right, field left.
At the end of the field, the path bends left, NW.
At a copse, turn right, NE, and head to Grove Road.
Turn right, SE, later south, along Grove Road.
Drop down to the village hall.

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Old Kings Head, Brockdish

Bus stop

TM 21253 79606, Brockdish Village Hall

  • Photo of TM 21253 79606, Brockdish Village Hall
TM 21253 79606, Brockdish Village Hall


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