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near Pienza, Toscana (Italia)

The Tuscan landscape was designed in Renaissance times to look like a painting, and the ancient roads of the Val d'Orcia offer a great variety of itineraries.
First, we enjoy a pleasant walk through the historic center of Pienza, to admire the impressive architecture, shops, and restaurants. The beautiful alleys and small squares invite the visitor to move slowly and enjoy views and monuments. Many of the houses on the small side streets have beautiful flowers in front of them, giving the town a pleasant atmosphere.
Avoid weekends, when the historical center might be overcrowded, but normally Pienza is very peaceful and it’s possible to walk the perimeter of the town in less than an hour.
Walk to the side of town to admire the views, too. Along the trail, the alleys behind the Duomo, and the Via Santa Caterina offer the best views on the Val d’Orcia and Monte Amiata.

This itinerary starts and ends at the parking on Via Mario Mencatelli.
The trail is well-marked, the local tourist offices have been improving the signposting considerably in recent years making it a great deal easier for hikers.
First, you walk from Porta al Prato down the Pieve de Corsignano, then upwards towards the via Santa Caterina to enjoy the most beautiful views on the Val d’Orcia one can imagine. This panoramic walkway brings you back to the city Gate and Piazza Dante Alighieri.
View on the Val d'Orcia and Monte Amiata from the via Santa Caterina


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