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near Ituren, Navarra (España)

Pretty circular walk from our farm in Ameztia, Ituren in the Basque Pyrenees. The walk leads along grassy paths lined with oak and chestnut trees, passing traditional Basque farmsteads, fields, barns, bracken stacks and bread ovens with stunning views southwards towards the village of Urrotz and the Ameztia river valley.

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Iaulin Borda

Pyrenean Experience Walking Base and Guest House. The house lies in the hamlet of Ameztia at an altitude of 400m above sea level and about 4km from the village of Ituren in Navarra in the Basque Spanish Pyrenees.

Maika's Borda (Errotazaineko Borda)

A traditional borda vivienda (mountain barn with rudimentary living facilities) which was once used as temporary summer accommodation for the family from Ituren. In the summer months the family would move up from the valley floor to the hamlet of Ameztia to graze the sheep, bring in the hay and make the bracken stacks. Outside the borda you will see a traditional bread oven (which all farms (caserios) and borda viviendas used to have.


Our neighbours farm of Sumbillanea. This is a traditional Basque farm where the animals are still kept on the ground floor and help heat (and perfume) the house during the winter months. The farm has Latxa sheep and Pyrenean cows (used for meat) which are native to the area. Here, during the spring months our neighbours still make sheep's cheese from the last of the ewe's milk. It is sometimes possible to buy the cheese too.


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