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Coordinates 1495

Uploaded October 19, 2016

Recorded October 2016

1,112 ft
532 ft
6.74 mi

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near Kreuzberg, Rheinland-Pfalz (Deutschland)

We started this walk in Kreuzberg where a gradually climbing track leads you to the remains(?) of the 'Sesselbahn', which still provides a nice view of Altenahr and its Burg Are.

From there we walked through the woods and some open fields until we reached and crossed the Rosberg road that leads into Altenahr. A nice track led us to the Altenahrer Eck, a beautiful point with an info panel and some benches that provides you with a great view of the valley, the river, the 'Weinwanderweg', Burg Are and the village itself.

We followed the track leading first down and then up to the Burg which provides further beautiful views all around and then descended to the village, crossed the river Ahr and walked on the other side towards Teufelsloch passing two very impressive panorama points.

This track is rocky, at some points steep and narrow, but nonetheless quite easy, even with children and Teufelsloch gives a beautiful panorama.

From here we followed a narrow, beautiful track towards Altenburg and crossed the river again to get to the parking place in Kreuzberg.

Parking place


View Altenahr,Burg,Teufelsloch


Altenahrer Eck

Superb view on Burg,Teufelsloch,Altenahr,Kxeuzberg

Burg Are


Schwarzes Kreuz




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