5.22 mi

Elevation gain

1,414 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

1,581 ft

Max elevation

1,936 ft



Min elevation

364 ft

Trail type

One Way
  • Photo of Almachares (2)
  • Photo of Almachares (2)
  • Photo of Almachares (2)
  • Photo of Almachares (2)


4 hours 56 minutes




January 26, 2017


January 2017
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1,936 ft
364 ft
5.22 mi

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near Maro, Andalucía (España)

Add an additional 1.8 km to the total distance from the start point at the Playa Maro hotel to make this a circular walk. The walk uses mountain footpaths for most of the route, with steady but generally gradual ascents through a regenerating landscape of pine trees after a serious fire some years ago. About 1hour into the initial ascent as the view opens to your left the first glimpses of your final objective, the ruined cortijo Almachares are seen on the hillside ahead. Reaching this objective provides superb views back towards the coast at Nerja and beyond to the lighthouse at Torrox. The site is an ideal spot for a picnic break, and behind the cortijo there are good views towards the summit of Cielo with its summit cross.
On the return you soon leave the upward route with arrows on the stones indicating Maro on a track descending quite steeply but without difficulty to the bed of the baranco below. The paths then turns left and follows the generally dry stream bed with a few awkward boulders to negotiate and you eventually emerge under the motorway back at the Playa Maro hotel.

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