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near Algeciras, Andalucía (España)

We have found this wonderful walk on Wikiloc and would like to thank Kminante del Sur for his walk and information. As his page is in Spanish we also put this walk on Wikiloc as we give information in English.

Coming from the the direction of Los Barrios on the CA-9209 we parked our car at a spacious parking place.

There is an information panel with the shorter variation of this walk, ‘Sendero de la Garaganta del Capitán’, right in front of the entrance gate of the park.

The first part of the track gives you a good overview of what a large part of Los Alcornocales looks like. Green wooded hills, mostly consisting of cork oak trees, often not higher than 250 metres, broad tracks, rivers, and rock formations.

After one kilometre you turn to the right and follow another good track that you follow for almost a kilometre until you get close to the river, the Arroyo de Botafuego, and start to make a bend to the left.

From now on you walk through wooded fields and will come upon an ancient Mill, the Molino de San Jose. After that mill the path becomes narrower and starts to go up. At a height of more or less 125 metres you will see a signpost to the burial place of the Capitán, a huge rock with an engraving upon it.

Going back to the track you will later come to a beautifully situated field where, at the edge there are more tombs to be seen.

From here on you can shorten the walk and follow the path that goes down and is signposted white-green but we took the path up to the right.

The climb up to 340m. is gradual and very beautiful with many good views to the north east and you can easily see as far as Gaucín and the Sierra Hacho, Casares and the Sierra Crestellina, evenas far as the Sierra de Las Nieves, and Los Reales on The Sierra Bermeja.

The path will eventually lead you around the top of this hill (360)m.) and on the other side with a superb view on Gibraltar it starts to go down.

After this open stretch with beautiful views you will go through wooded land once again. Most of the track is indicated by small piles of stones and sometimes by red arrows on rocks and trees.

Finally, you will arrive at open fields , go past some ruins and somewhat later end up in a beautiful green field before taking a wide track back to the point where you left the original track after the first kilometre.
SenderoGarganta del Capitán
Info panel
Los Barrios, Gaucin, Sierra Hacho, Sierra de Crestellina, Casares
Info panel
A beauiful field, next to the tombs, to spend some time


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