8,119 ft
6,264 ft
8.09 mi

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near Ak-Suu, Ysyk-Köl (Kyrgyz Republic)

From the outskirts of Karakol, climb above the city for sweeping views of the entire valley before returning via the forest trails of Ak-Suu Arboretum. Options include carrying on towards Altyn Arashan, or returning by minibus to Karakol. For a detailed description of this hike, see: https://www.asia-hikes.com/ak-suu-arboretum/

For more information, contact Destination Karakol at info@destinationkarakol.com or www.destinationkarakol.com.

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  • Photo of Alex Wetten

    Alex Wetten Jul 4, 2018

    Very helpful trail. Parts of the trail are overgrown (esp first third) - this guided us through the rough! Cheers

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