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near San Antonio, Jalisco (Mexico)

This is an excellent trail across the middle of the town of Ajijic. The trail is well used and easy to follow, a nice 2.5 to 3 hour morning hike with good views, ravines and an Indian Ceremonial area used by the locals in the summer. The trail ends in the west end above the Carretera, in time for lunch at Don Lola’s.
The “Tepalo Trailhead” starts at the top of Galeana. Take the trail to the top of Tepalo waterfall; follow the trail to the left of the old round stone corral. This trail will take you to the “saddle”. The saddle is on a major trail (3 Crosses Trail) to the top of the Mountain. Follow this trail up for appx 50 meters, turn West on a trail which takes you down into a Ravine. This trail will take you across the top of the town connecting to another major trail (Chupanaya) going to the top. Follow the trail for a short distance turn on the trail to the SW, this trail leads to the Indian Ceremonial Grounds. Leave the Indian Ceremonial grounds follow the trail ESE to the” IND CERM TRLHD”.
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    Excellent trail, very good for a two hour hike

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