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near La Cañada, Jalisco (Mexico)

La Canadá to Chula Vista Norte
The Hike Starts at the Town of “ La Canada” , Thru a Slot Canyon, up a Steep Trail to the Oak Ridge, along the ridge to the Oak Forest , then Down the Chula Vista Trail (CV) to the Top of Chula Vista Norte,. Elevation; Starts at 6000 ft up to 7700 ft, down to 5000 ft.
Trail Starts at a Farm Rd at “La Canada”, the Rd is usually driveable to the “Trl Head” for a high clearance vehicle. We were dropped off at the Farm Rd and hiked to the “Trl Head”. The first part of the hike is along and through an arroyo, may have some water during the rainy season. You pass a picturesque Grotto and follow the arroyo thru a slot canyon. At Way Point “Oak Ridge Trl”, leave the main trail, take the Track up a Steep Ridge to the Oak Ridge, and follow the top of the Oak Ridge to the Oak Forest. This trail Starts at 6000 ft., ending at the White Cross, (there are now 2 Crosses at this site) at 7700 ft. in the Oak Forest. Follow the track, through the Oak Forest, to the “CVTop Trl” down the trail to the “Car Parked “WP, this is the top of Chula Vista Norte, the end of the hike at the Cumbres Eventos.
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  • Photo of White Crosses
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