Moving time  3 hours 32 minutes

Time  5 hours 42 minutes

Coordinates 2229

Uploaded April 18, 2018

Recorded April 2018

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7,579 ft
5,829 ft
7.8 mi

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near Targa Imoula, Marrakech-Tensift-Al Haouz (Morocco)

Really nice hike in the area near to Imlil. We saw several small villages, loads of mountain views and some nice variety to the surroundings along the way.

The trail can be done in either direction and being a loop you can join it wherever it is convenient. It's not a full day hike but it would be tough to finish in half a day.

As with a lot of our Moroccan hikes we had some trouble staying on the trail, so there are a couple of backtracks to look out for (at 4.9 and 5.9 km). One section I would rate as difficult where we needed to do a steep ascent (climbed up around 50 meters) over loose rock for a distance of a couple hundred meters (at 6.3km).

The second peak has a small cafe which was selling tea and juice so it is a great place to take a break. The views are not quite as nice as the first peak so you can shorten the hike by skipping it if you are tired.

Really enjoyed this hike and it's worth doing!


Small stream to cross.


Lots of nice views in the first half of the hike



Ravine crossing

The trail does a switchback here.


More great views.

Blind Intersection

Was following a Wikiloc trail and blew by this intersection. It's really easy to miss.

Valley stream

Beautiful stream and gardens. Could not stay on the wiki we were following so got a little creative.


On the way to the top, you will cross a road three times, the last crossing is right at the top.
Mountain pass


Peak elevation and the pass through the mountains. Some villages spotted below and a place selling beverages.



Tamatert intersection

Turn off the road and head down into the village.

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    thew Feb 26, 2020

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    This was a great hike. Combining beautiful panoramic mountain views with a moderate to difficult trail.
    Information provided by the author was not accurate but extremely helpful.
    The trail through the pine forest was the most demanding with the trail disappearing at regular intervals, sometimes leading to a difficult situation on the lose ground to get back to safety. With such a step slope only centimetres away maybe not the best for the faint hearted.
    All in all a fantastic trail to follow and Port Flora was extremely helpful with a few questions I asked on a private mail.
    If you’re looking for a good day hike on Imlil then this is a good one to follow.

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