Technical difficulty   Moderate

Time  3 hours 49 minutes

Coordinates 868

Uploaded May 27, 2015

Recorded May 2015

2,447 f
700 f
6.75 mi

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near Kampung Cantik, Pulau Pinang (မလေးရှား)

3h:49m:31s | 10.9 km
This hike takes you up the Bukit Elvira Air Itam Trail which is a very steep concrete path for the first few km until reaching the junction point where there are various trail or road options. To get to Tiger Hill take a right and follow the forest track which leads towards Penang Hill. Keep a lookout for the Tiger Hill Trail entrance on your right. The hike begins with a steep incline ascending and descending along an undulating path until reaching the top of Tiger Hill. The top is marked by Rain Gauge 29 and there are two trails which lead off from this point. Take the right hand trail which descends towards Air Itam Dam. The trail is easy to follow and relatively wide but still sheltered for the most part by the forest. You eventually come out on the asphalt road which winds its way uphill but also leads back towards Air Itam Dam. Continue walking downhill until coming to the trail on the right which is the direct route back to the Dam. If you miss this junction you will end up going down towards the settlement of Air Itam.
This is the relative top of Tiger Hill. There is a Y Junction at this point. For this hike take the right hand trail when facing North which leads back to Air Itam Dam
  • Photo of LYK Signage - Air Itam to Tiger Hill and Penang Hill
A trail leads off to the right through open forest which was impacted by a fire at some time in the past so the trail is now covered in heavy leaf fall.


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