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near Ágios Pávlos, Crete (Greece)

During our four day stay (end of summer) Agios Pavlos was quite windy (on two days) but with amazing coast views. It is worth to do even a day trip to the village, as you can have a walk (of up to two hours), relax on the beach and eat in one of the restaurants (we were eating day specials in the Sunset restaurant five minutes walking distance up the asphalt road from the beach of Agios Pavlos: very good food and nice views from its terrace).

The beaches on western side of cape Melissa had more waves than the beach next to the village (on the south-eastern side), but they were less frequented.

View on the west coast

View on the west coast: the hills you see in the first line are located next to the Preveli beach

Between the two beaches

A viewpoint between the two western beaches of Agios Pavlos

View from Cape Melissa

View on the two western beaches of Agios Pavlos


This beach had stronger waves than the main Agios Pavlos beach at the time of our visit, but was also less frequented by tourists

A cave

A cave between the rocks

Agios Pavlos beach

The calmest of the three beaches, with smaller waves and giving opportunity to snorkel. There are at least two bars at this beach.


The rocks on this small peninsula are quite sharp, so you should wear good footware.


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