4.51 mi

Elevation gain

1,181 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

1,181 ft

Max elevation

1,207 ft



Min elevation

79 ft

Trail type

  • Photo of Adonis Nature trail
  • Photo of Adonis Nature trail
  • Photo of Adonis Nature trail
  • Photo of Adonis Nature trail
  • Photo of Adonis Nature trail
  • Photo of Adonis Nature trail




March 27, 2020

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1,207 ft
79 ft
4.51 mi

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near Neo Chorio, Eparchía Páfou (Cyprus)

The Adonis Trail, located in the state forest of the Akamas Peninsula, starts at the Baths
of Aphrodite, a beautiful natural pool where according to local legend the goddess of beauty Aphrodite would take her baths and meet her lover, Adonis. To get there, follow the coastal road of Poli Chrysochous – Neo Chorio and turn right about one kilometre before the village of Neo Chorio following the signs for Baths of Aphrodite. You can leave your vehicle at the Baths of Aphrodite car park.

The trail is circular and for about 2.5 km coincides with the Aphrodite Trail, up until the historic location of Pyrgos tis Rigainas. This section of the trail is rocky and on an uphill slope.
According to local legend this is the route that the Great Goddess of Cyprus, Aphrodite, used to follow, after taking her bath, to get to her tower and rest under the huge oak tree that still exists today. The trail then continues southeast, crosses the beautiful area of Kefalovrysia and completes its circular path by returning back to Baths of Aphrodite. At Kefalovrysia, the Adonis Trail connects with the Smigies Trail.
Along the route, there are interest points with information regarding endemic and indigenous plants, shrubs and trees like juniper, strawberry tree, myrtle, terebinth, Cyprus bosea, lentisk and the cyclamen, while the area’s most dominant vegetation is maquis shrubland. The view from the trail offers breathtaking views of Chrysochou Bay, Pafos forest and the coast of the Akamas Peninsula. Drinking water springs can be found at
Pyrgos tis Rigainas and at Kefalovrysia.

In close proximity to the Baths of Aphrodite you can find a café-restaurant and kiosk where you can rest and get information about the history, mythology, flora and fauna of the area. You can also walk around the small botanical garden and discover the rich flora of the Akamas Peninsula.
According to one version of the legend…
King Kinyras and his companions arrived in Cyprus from Cilicia. He founded the city of Pafos and married Metharme, the daughter of Pygmalion.
He had two sons: Adonis and Oxyporos.

Flora: While hiking, you will see many endemic plants: Cyprus Bosea (Bosea cypria), Shrubby knapweed (Ptilostemon chamaepeuce var. cyprius), Entire – Leaved Horehound (Acanthoprasium integrifolium), Sweet Marjoram (Origanum majorana var. tenuifolium), Cyprus Golden ­Drop (Onosma fruticosa), Cyprus sage (Phlomis cypria var. occidentalis).

Fauna: The main species of fauna found in the area are:

Mammals: Fox, hare, hedgehog.

Birds: Wood pigeon, partridge, Cyprus warbler (endemic), Cyprus wheatear (endemic).

The forest of Akamas also serves as a resting point for many migratory birds.

Reptiles: Cyprus viper, Cyprus lizard, black whip snake.


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