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near Marahau, Nelson (New Zealand)

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The Abel Tasman National Park is one of the most beautiful places on earth, with a rocky coastline covered with forests among which there are here and there beaches of clear sand, bathed in water of various shades. The secret of much of the park lies in its tidal regime and the low depth of the sea in many coastal areas, which conditions as much as the lighting variations that are appreciated. We have had the opportunity to visit this area in a motor boat, which took us to Torrent Bay, on foot from here to reach Bark Bay through a coastal path of incredible beauty (whose track we did not record, but photographs of that are included). route in this presentation), to end up returning in pirogue to our point of origin in Marahau. The next day we decided to do the initial part of the great trail that runs along the coast in this part of New Zealand: the Abel Tasman Coast Track, which starts in Marahau and reaches Totaranui, to continue with a circular path that passes through Anapai, Taupo Hill and Wainui Bay, to return to Totaranui by the Gibbs Hill Track. This is possibly the most popular multi-day route in the country. The photographs presented correspond to the presented track (Maharau-Anchorage), in addition to the previous day's route (Torrent Bay-Bark Bay), if it fits even more beautiful.
At the level of the Abel Tasman National Park, a mountainous massif, composed of limestone and marble, extends from the Kahurangi National Park to the sea. Its slopes, permanently green because of the subtropical forests that cover them, are a good part of the secret that gives the waters of the sea in this Park its incredible colors.
The path does not have large slopes, but it is a permanent ups and downs that leaves important accumulated slopes for a full day. No major difficulties, stubble or difficult steps, so this trail can be done with sports shoes, although a good mountain boot is still a preferable solution in our opinion.
The path goes permanently close to the coast, with a good number of side paths every so often, which allow access to beautiful beaches where to bathe. The tidal changes are very wide, reaching up to 6 meters. This must be taken into account not only to avoid being trapped by the water, but also because some parts of the trail run along shallows that, at high tide, will be covered by one or several meters of water, preventing passage (Awaroa Bay, in the high part of the path, is the most typical example).
The path is very well marked, and the indications are numerous. You do not need a specific topographic map, just enough with tourist maps. The GPS, however, has so many advantages that we do not set out on a path without having GPS presently.
Along the way there are 4 cabins on the Great Walk, without kitchen or electricity, and the spaces are reserved (without exclusions) at least one year before on the internet at Great Walks Bookings. Penalties are applied for not having a reservation, including having to leave the park.
Although we have only made two trips (one of them round trip), which account for approximately one third of the total route, at this time this would possibly be our first choice of Great Walk (Milford would be the other). Therefore, we believe that this route is highly recommended.


  • Photo of manuelruizapatero

    manuelruizapatero Feb 16, 2018

    Maravillosa ruta por la costa a muy buen ritmo y baño maravilloso , completado con pinta de lager local HP. Inmejorable.

  • javeadeverano Nov 11, 2018

    Qué envidia de costa!

  • luis.perecruz Nov 11, 2018

    Fantástico Great Walk.

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