128 23 0


2.75 mi

Elevation gain

3,002 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

420 ft

Max elevation

4,016 ft



Min elevation

1,398 ft

Trail type

One Way


6 hours 15 minutes




December 8, 2018


December 2016
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4,016 ft
1,398 ft
2.75 mi

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near Shāh, Raʼs al Khaymah (United Arab Emirates)

I apologize for the long message below, but please read it carefully so as to avoid further questions. Please also make sure you read my disclaimer at the bottom of the event details.

I was originally planning to do a hike in another location, but due to the possibility that this particular area may not be accessible due to military activity I have chosen to default back to an area I've hiked before. Although I've hiked in this area many times before, I haven't hiked this particular route, but have hiked the lower and upper portions in two separate trips. Now is my chance to connect the dots. This is NOT the typical hike I do in this region for those of you wondering. This is something I haven't done before, but is hard to get lost.

For those of you who hiked with me in "Wadi Ghail" which was my last hike in October, you will recall that the total elevation gain was approximately 730m to the top along a long dirt road. To put it in perspective, this hike will have an elevation gain of approximately 900m and will require you to scramble over rocks and rugged terrain, although it is not as steep as the last hike. Please keep these tips in mind since most people couldn't complete the last hike. However, the temperature should be much better this time at around 31 degress C as compared to the +40C we experienced the last time. I think this was the major drawback at our last hike.

Please view the event photo carefully. This photo will provide you with a good sense of what to expect as you can see about 80% of the hike in this one photo. The hike will take us through a long valley cut until it reaches near the top of the mountain and here we will take a rest, have lunch and enjoy the views before heading back down the exact same way we came up.

This hike is one-way up and one-way down along the same dirt road as I mentioned above. So if you get tired during this hike and don't make it to the top, it is still worth coming as you can always head back or roam around the area.


- Round trip hike distance is about 12-15 km
- Total elevation gain: 900 m
- Start hike at 8:00 am
- Hike duration: 7-8 hours depending on breaks and speed
- Finish hike at approx. 4:00pm
- We will have lunch on top of the mountain (bring your own food)
- Technical level: Moderate
- Endurance level: Moderate-hard
- The hike is one-way in and one-way out. It is not a round trip
- No 4x4 is required to reach the hiking start point

Recommended hiking gear:

- 5-7 litres of water (don't come with less than 5L)
- Proper hiking shoes/boots!!! This is a must!
- Sun screen
- Back-pack, preferably a camel pack
- Lunch and snacks
- I recommend having gloves as there is some rock scrambling

Meetup location & time:

Emarat Petrol Pump (Ras Al Khaimah) - see link below

Meetup time - 7:00am
Leave meetup spot at 7:15am at the latest. We will all drive to the hiking location together from the meetup spot which will take about 45 minutes from the gas station to get to. If you're not there on time, the group will leave without you. Too many times in the past people have been late and made everyone wait which is not fair to others. Please respect others and be on time. Once we leave, I'll be leading a group of many cars and won't be able to communicate with people who are late, so please keep this in mind.

If you are late or just want to drive to the start of the hike on your own, below is the map location of the start of the hike. There is a ramp that leads directly down into a valley that has plenty of parking for all. No 4x4 is required to park here.

Hiking starting point:

If you don't have a vehicle and need a ride, please use this app and hopefully someone can help. And if you have room in your car and can lend a hand to others, please also enter your info so they can add themselves to your car.

Carpool app:

I do not plan on camping


This is not a paid group with multiple leaders who control your every move. I do not have any professional qualifications with respect to emergency medical assistance. I am only one person who leads a large amount of people, of which mostly I have never met before. You are ultimately hiking at your own risk and have to take full responsibily for yourselves. Please keep this in mind and read the above event details carefully.

If you are having any type of trouble during the hike, please reach out to either myself or others around you. If you are feeling sick, light-headed, cramped muscles, etc., turn back to your car right away. Don't take any chances. And please, if you choose to invite friends who are outside of the group, you must ensure that they are fully aware of the details of the hike and are capable of handling the hike.


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