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Coordinates 1369

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7,946 ft
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58.02 mi

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near Bystre, Województwo małopolskie (Rzeczpospolita Polska)

7 Day Hike in the Polish Tatra Mountains
(july 2007)

Started in Zakopane (easily accessible by train/bus)

Slept 2 nights in tents, 4 nights in mountain huts
Made ascent of the Rysy mountain (2503m, Poland highest mountain.

Always good paths, sometimes you had to scramble but those sections were secured with cables or chains.

Day 1

Slept in a tent (not allowed)
Mountain hut

Day 2 & 5

Slept in a bed in this great hut
Mountain hut

Day 3 & 4

Slept in a bed in the hut next to the big, crowdy restaurant

Rysy 2503m

Ascent of the Rysy mountain
Wilderness hut

Day 6

Slept in fixed tent on a campside surounded by electrical wires to keep the bears out.


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