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near Webbs Mill, Virginia (United States)

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Stage 59

⇐ Link to the previous stage: 58 - APPALACHIAN TRAIL - VIRGINIA - Section 30.1 - From Sarver Hollow Shelter to route VA-621, Craig Creek Valley Road
⇒ Link to the following stage: 60 - APPALACHIAN TRAIL - VIRGINIA - Section 29.1 and 28.3 - Route VA-620 (Miller Cover Rd) / Trout Creek, to VA-311 Catawba

Tour of the Appalachian Trail ( Appalachian Trail ), passing through the state of Virginia (United States), in a south-north direction. From the intersection of the trail with the VA-621 route, next to Craig Creek, to the intersection with VA-620 (Miller Cover Rd) / Trout Creek.

The stage corresponds to the second part of section 29 of the Appalachian Trail, in the state of Virginia, according to the official distribution of stages in this state, and is developed entirely within the protected natural space known as "Brush Mountain East Wilderness" ¨, which is part of the immense George Washington Jefferson National Forest.

We start the tour a few meters from Craig Creek, a small river that crosses the homonymous valley, formed between Sinking Creek Mountain and Brush Mountain.

In its first sections, the path runs through land that form the bed of the valley, very flat and with all the appearance of being susceptible to flooding in case of river overflow, but after about a kilometer and a half, a gradual and sometimes meandering up the northern slope of Brush Mountain.

There is no obstacle, nor technical difficulty in the route, although it is necessary to save the difference of something more than 1,500 feet, which exists between the valley and the crest of the mountain.

As we gain altitude, the perspective offers us some interesting panoramic views, and already at the top we find a wide strip without trees, as a firewall, used as a broad path that follows the ridge from west to east, just along the dividing line between Craig and Roanoke counties. The presence of some wooden benches in this path, contributes to increase the feeling of walking on a peaceful walk.

Start of the stage. Intersection of the Appalachian Trail with the route VA-621. Craig Creek Road
Puente sobre el Craig Creek
Subida gradual, por la falda de Brush Mountain
Pedrera y sendero en zigzag
Camino ancho, a modo de cortafuegos, en la cresta de Brush Mountain
Audie Leon Murphy Monument y vista panorámica
Sendero ancho y llano
Bajada gradual, por la falda de Brush Mountain
Pequeña cima
End of the stage. AT parking next to VA-620 (Miller Cover Road), and Trout Creek


  • Photo of rutadura

    rutadura Aug 2, 2016

    Maravilloso sendero !!!! https://es.wikiloc.com/rutas-outdoor/59-appalachian-trail-virginia-seccion-29-2-desde-va-621-craig-creek-rd-a-ruta-va-620-miller-cover-r-14201326#wp-14201335/photo-8807792

  • Photo of rutadura

    rutadura Aug 2, 2016

    Gran etapa !!! https://es.wikiloc.com/rutas-outdoor/59-appalachian-trail-virginia-seccion-29-2-desde-va-621-craig-creek-rd-a-ruta-va-620-miller-cover-r-14201326#wp-14201337/photo-8807887

  • Photo of rutadura

    rutadura Aug 2, 2016

    Y sigues por senderos y caminos de alto nivel paisajistico, todo ello ahora con un verde esperanza que aleja los rayos solares, me encanta ....

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