Time  8 hours 39 minutes

Coordinates 2376

Uploaded February 5, 2017

Recorded February 2017

6,168 f
3,520 f
16.01 mi

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near Clarketown, Tennessee (United States)

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Stage 34

⇐ Link to the previous stage: 33 - APPALACHIAN TRAIL - TENNESSEE - Section 9.1. - From Indian Grave Gap, Route TN-395 to Unaka Mountain and Iron Mountain Gap
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Tour of the Appalachian Trail , passing through the states of Tennessee and Viginia, from the intersection of the trail with routes 107/226, at the place known as Iron Mountain Gap, to the junction with the TN-143 and NC-261, in Carvers Gap.
Iron Mountain Gap
Sendero y vista
Iron Mountain (4.426 pies). Pequeña cima y roca
Greasy Creek Gap (4.034 pies)
Clyde Smith Shelter
Vista de Little Rock desde un desvío lateral
Magnífica vista desde Little Rock Knob (4.918 pies)
Hughes Gap
Subida larga pero gradual, hacia Roan Mountain
Beartown Mountain (5.481 pies)
Subiendo hacia Roan Mountain. Cerca de la cima
Cima de Roan Mountain
Roan High Knob Shelter
Carvers Gap


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