4.5 mi

Elevation gain

1,906 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

1,906 ft

Max elevation

5,657 ft



Min elevation

3,693 ft

Trail type


Moving time

3 hours 3 minutes


one day 4 hours 51 minutes




January 15, 2021


January 2021
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5,657 ft
3,693 ft
4.5 mi

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near Sayuran, Jawa Barat (Indonesia)

Hike up Mount Kerenceng near Sumedang area and camping for a night. Total trip of 2D1N. The mountain is like a mini pyramid with trail starting from the last village at Desa Sindulang. It is possible to reach the summit and return within the day if the weather permits.

It is the same trail up and back down with only 4 waypoints. Nevertheless, do not underestimate the trail at it holds a handful of surprises! To avoid crowd better to hike on weekdays.

The trail is managed by the locals and not by the government nor private companies. Anyhow, do register yourself at the basecamp and if you come by car there is a charge of IDR 10k.

Pos 1

The first waypoint after going through the last few residences and farms from the registration spot. Quite flat terrain that could be utilized for camping area when necessary.

Batik intersection - Take right to summit

A small intersection marked by batik cloth wrapped on a tree in the middle of the way. Terrain is uneven so not recommended to set up camp.

Pos 2

When you reach this waypoint, you are at least 1,400 m above sea level. Marked with a small rundown shed to rest. The view from here is good and the breeze soothing. This waypoint is not far from the campsite.

Camp area Mount Kerenceng

This is the flatland before arriving at Pos 3. Ideal to setup camp here as higher places are more dangerous to. There is also a makeshift treehouse to capture the surrounding series of panoramic mountains. Fire making is permitted here.

Pos 3

This is another waypoint at which is very possible to setup camp at. Please take note that it is smaller place than that of camp area and the terrain is not as flat as that of camp area. Better panorama though!

Pos 4

The last post before summit. Not much other than a set of big rock formation and the post sign. The route towards this waypoint is narrow and dangerous as the sides are just cliffs. So it is all the way to summit.

Tanjakan Baeud

The famous almost vertical climb with terrain made up of soil so beware of hike after rain or during the rainy season. One of the surprises of the trail, about 400m right before reaching the summit climbing at about 200m up. Making the arrival at summit much more valuable.

Shadow Summit of Mount Kerenceng

Do not be too happy. This is NOT the actual summit of the mountain even when it says that it is at 1754 above sea level. The real summit is visible from this point, albeit requiring extra care to reach. However, a word of caution do not try to go to the top if you are not convinced with the trail. Better to stay put.

Summit of Mount Kerenceng

The real summit of the mount. There is only space for maximum 6 people standing or 3 people sitting down, in a circular area. The last 10m before reaching this place needs climbing (yes, with both hands). Congratulations! You are now at the top!


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