4.91 mi

Elevation gain

46 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

46 ft

Max elevation

95 ft



Min elevation

-9 ft

Trail type





April 13, 2022


April 2022

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95 ft
-9 ft
4.91 mi

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near Ditchingham, England (United Kingdom)

Park at Ditchingham, Green Lane.
Please don't use the village hall car park.

Head east into Broome Common, soon NE.
If you follow the track correctly you soon arrive at a Long Barrow, at least 5500 years old.
Continue north and soon NE, then east, between two lakes.
Emerge at Broome village hall and turn right, SE, along Sun Road.
The Broome Artichoke is a short distance left along the Old Yarmouth Road.
Cross the Old Yarmouth Road and head SE along a grassy track.
Just before the busy A143, turn right, SW, along the disused railway track.
At the T junction, cross the A143, south, and head into Pirnhow Street.
Turn right, west, and use the parallel parkland in preference to the road.
Back at the road, cross over and head south across the sports fields car park.
Near the main building, head right, west, across the sports fields.
Aim for the SW corner of the playing fields.
Turn left, south, along the Ditchingham Dam.
Turn left into Falcon Lane and right into the riverside meadow.
At the weir, there are seats for a break. Cross the river, south.
Head south past the mill and bear right along Staithe Street, soon heading west.
Turn right, NW, along Trinity Street.
Turn left, west, passing close to Saint Mary's church.
Look out for the glacial erratic standing stone near the west door of the church.
Cross Saint Mary's Street. Nothe the buttercross to your right.
Head SW via the alley to Castle Orchard.
Just after the cafe on the right, turn right, west, to Bigod Castle.
Follow the path as it swings right and go down the steps to the Castle Inn.
At the pub, turn left, west, along Earsham Street.
Turn right, NW, along Outney Road. Cross over the A143 footbridge.
Turn right, NE, along the golf club access road.
Head left off the tarmac to reach the small lake, left.
After the lake head left, NE. Stay close to the camping site, right.
Head through a gate into the grazing area of the common and head roughly north.
Cross a footbridge and head NE. Cross two more footbridges.
Head east, lakes right. The path bends SE. Head east along the lane.
Turn left, north along the Norwich Road.
Turn right, north, along Loddon Road, Smokey Joe's left. The road bends right, NE.
At the crossroads, continue ahead, NE, shop left.
Return to the Green Lane car park.

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Car park

Ditchingham, Green Lane, TM 34183 91194

  • Photo of Ditchingham, Green Lane, TM 34183 91194
Ditchingham, Green Lane, TM 34183 91194
Car park

Bungay, Outney Common, TM 33151 90085

  • Photo of Bungay, Outney Common, TM 33151 90085
  • Photo of Bungay, Outney Common, TM 33151 90085
  • Photo of Bungay, Outney Common, TM 33151 90085
  • Photo of Bungay, Outney Common, TM 33151 90085
Bungay, Outney Common, TM 33151 90085
Car park

Broome, Village Hall, TM 34984 91575


Broome, Artichoke

  • Photo of Broome, Artichoke
Broome, Artichoke

Bungay, Green Dragon


Long Barrow

  • Photo of Long Barrow
  • Photo of Long Barrow
  • Photo of Long Barrow
Long Barrow


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