5.31 mi

Elevation gain

75 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

75 ft

Max elevation

159 ft



Min elevation

77 ft

Trail type





April 12, 2022


April 2022

Weather Forecast

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159 ft
77 ft
5.31 mi

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near Woodton, England (United Kingdom)

Park near the village hall.
Head west from the village hall.
Soon after the last house, turn right, north, towards the B1527.
Turn left, west, along the B1527.
Turn right, north, to All Saints, Woodton.
Optionally wander round the churchyard and visit the church if it's open.
The footpath follows the outside perimeter of the cemetery wall.
Head north, cemetery wall left.
Head left, west, cemetery wall left.
Turn right, NW, without entering the field, left.
Turn left, west, and cross the meadow. There might be cattle.
Cross the next field, NW, and aim for the woodland belt and Shotesham Road.
Head left, south, along Shotesham Road.
Just before the houses, turn right, west, houses left.
Cross more grazing meadows.
The path bends right, NW, to woodland.
At the woodland, head left, west, woods right.
Cross another field and continue west on a farm track to barns.
Continue west after the barns.
Turn left, SW, along Nobb's Lane.
Cross the B1537 and head south along Oxnead Lane.
At a bus shelter, turn left, east, along Rectory Road.
Continue east, then left, north, along Rectory Road.
Turn right, east, along King's Road.
Head east past the fishing lakes, right.
At the right bend in the tarmac, kink left and right, NE, woods right.
Follow the filed perimeter path.
At the village, head left, NE, along a lane, soon becoming a footpath, north.
The path ends near the village hall and parking lay-by.

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Car park

Woodton, Kings Head, TM 29339 94003


Woodton, Kings Head, TM 29304 93993

Car park

Woodton, Village Hall, TM 28964 94010

  • Photo of Woodton, Village Hall, TM 28964 94010
Woodton, Village Hall, TM 28964 94010
Car park

Woodton, Hempall Road

  • Photo of Woodton, Hempall Road
Woodton, Hempall Road
Religious site

Woodton, All Saints

  • Photo of Woodton, All Saints
  • Photo of Woodton, All Saints
  • Photo of Woodton, All Saints
  • Photo of Woodton, All Saints
Woodton, All Saints


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