9.65 mi

Elevation gain

171 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

171 ft

Max elevation

200 ft



Min elevation

73 ft

Trail type

  • Photo of 2021-07-15 Redgrave and Wortham 9.8
  • Photo of 2021-07-15 Redgrave and Wortham 9.8
  • Photo of 2021-07-15 Redgrave and Wortham 9.8
  • Photo of 2021-07-15 Redgrave and Wortham 9.8
  • Photo of 2021-07-15 Redgrave and Wortham 9.8
  • Photo of 2021-07-15 Redgrave and Wortham 9.8




July 15, 2021


July 2021

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200 ft
73 ft
9.65 mi

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near Roydon, England (United Kingdom)

Park near the south end of The Doit, south off the A1066.
This is a slightly shorter walk avoiding a leg along the A143.
It also avoids a closed footpath with trees in an unsafe condition.
Head south out of the car park and left, SE, along Ling Road.
Use tracks across the common, south of the lane, if you prefer.
Bear right, SE, along Rectory Road soon bending right, SW.
Turn right into Wigwam Hill for 180 metres.
Turn left off the road, house right and head SW across open fields.
Near Wortham, head SE across the last field, then left, SW.
Head roughly west across the common through Long Green.
Avoid the tarmac by crossing the playing fields and stay near the houses, right.
Head West, later NW, along Wash Lane.
Turn left, SW, up steps, off Wash Lane, woodland left.
Later this path bends west and enters Half Moon Lane.
After about ten houses (right), turn right, north between two houses.
Divert into the playing fields and head for the activities centre, left.
Head left, west, along Churchway. Turn right, north, along Mill Lane.
Cross Fen Street and continue roughly north.
The source of the river Waveney is in pools and marshes on the left.
Enter Lopham Fen and head NE through woodland.
At a gate, the path ahead was closed. Turn left, NW and cross the tiny river.
Turn right, NE, and follow the river roughly east.
When the path, east, ends, cross a bridge, south, and head to Low Road.
Turn left, east, along Low Road. The road bends right, south.
The road bends left, east. Stay on the road.
At Dahses Farm, turn right, south, along the Angles Way.
Initially go hedge left. Later cross to hedge right.
After one field, turn left, east, to Slade Lane.
Head left, north, along Slade Lane.
After 140 metres, turn right, SE, for 600 metres.
Turn left, north, hedge right. Turn right, east, through a woodland belt.
After 200 metres, turn left, north, to Low Road. Turn right, east, along Low Road.
After 450 metres on tarmac, turn left into the common.
Head NE. The car park will soon be visible. Head back to the car park

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Car park

TM 08872 79793, Wortham Ling

Car park

TM 097 793, Wortham Ling

Car park

TM 08539 77216, Wortham


Cross Keys, Redgrave

Car park

TM 05241 80268, Suffolk Wildlife Trust, Donation Please

Car park

TM 08177 80683, Bressingham Gardens


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