9.49 mi

Elevation gain

184 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

184 ft

Max elevation

133 ft



Min elevation

-45 ft

Trail type





March 29, 2021


March 2021

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133 ft
-45 ft
9.49 mi

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near Snape, England (United Kingdom)

Park at Church Common, Snape.
Head SE out of the car park towards Snape village.
After 100 metres along the main road, turn left and head east.
After 650 metres, turn right, south, onto the tarmac Priory Road.
After 680 metres, turn left, slightly south of east along the Sailor's Path.
Follow this path roughly east for over 2.5 miles where it joins the A1094.
The path crosses heath, woods and a wetland boardwalk.
Head SE along the A1094. There is a good grassy path on the right hand verge.
Turn left, NE, into Golf Lane for 70 metres.
Turn left, NW, into woodland and head towards the gold course.
Cross the golf course, NW, taking care to avoid flying balls.
This path is well marked by posts.
Merge with a wide lane and head roughly north.
Kink left and right onto a footpath, avoiding the private road ahead.
Head north and soon NW through a patch of woodland with trees in neat rows.
After the wood, turn right, hedge right, for 110 metres.
Cross the open field, NW, aiming roughly for the antenna tower.
Join a wider track and head NW to woods. Bear left, west, woodland right.
Follow this track west until a T junction. Turn right, north, along Sloe Lane.
At the main road, turn left, SW, for 125 metres.
Turn right, roughly west, onto a farm track.
After 0.8 miles, look for a left branch, SW, across an open field.
Aim for the row of houses. The path runs south of these houses, fences right.
At Friston, turn right towards the Old Chequers.
At the pub, turn left, west, along Mill Road. Note the old mill, left.
At the end of the village, kink right and left off the tarmac and head SW across the open field.
At the far side, cross a farm track and head west, hedge right.
After one field, turn left onto a wide track and head south to the A1094.
Cross the busy road, tumulus, right.
Head south along Priory Road.
Turn right, west, retracing the outbound walk back to the car park.

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Friston, Old Chequers

Car park

TM 395 593, Snape

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TM 395 593, Snape


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