12.65 mi

Elevation gain

3,150 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

3,150 ft

Max elevation

2,150 ft



Min elevation

409 ft

Trail type



5 hours 50 minutes




January 23, 2021


January 2021
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2,150 ft
409 ft
12.65 mi

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near El Mechref, Mont-Liban (Lebanon)

With the country under complete lock-down, we are left but to explore trails close to home.
My friend Chris was generous enough to point to us the silk factory in Kfar-Matta and shared with me a similar trail he had done.
The trail started from my home in Mechref into the old town and up the dirt road to Da22oon passing by its pine forest. After Da22oon we made it to the silk factory (a huge abandoned building that saw better days); the factory is parched on a hill at the outskirts of Kfar-Matta. The building is made of stones with an inner courtyard and garden reminiscent of Last-century Lebanon. Walking inside the building you are overwhelmed with sadness for the disarray state of the structure (bombed ceiling from the civil war, collapsing walls, and tables). I wonder why entrepreneurs haven't stepped in to convert it to a bread and breakfast establishment with a big dining venue that is fit for gala weddings and events.
After taking a short break at the silk factory, the trail went downward to the Fezer area (a fissure of a huge rock creating a narrow pass between two 60+ meter cliffs. The strip of the trail from the silk factory to the Fezer were mostly on pavement. After enjoying the views at the Fezer, we (my neighbor Ghanem and I) continued to wards the Kfar-Matta river and then the trail started moving up a steep hill passing by a small cow farm and a small water spring. The trail leveled off for the last 4 km and back home.
The weather was cold early morning but warmed up during the day allowing us to remove vests and fleece. The sun was dominating the blue skies.
The great thing about this trail is the scenery: Da22oon pine forest, Silk factory, Fezer, river, and a multi arrays of evergreen trees.
Those who are interested in the silk factory only, they can just trek to it and back; it makes an easy family-event hike.

Da22oun Forest


Silk Factory

Beautiful structure dying slowly with no one to care.

Go Left

Going right is a dead end

The Fezer Rock

A huge fissure created a narrow pass between 60+ meter cliffs. Majestic view.

Go Straight

Don't go left here!!!

Lunch Break

Had lunch in an area overlooking the cliffs surrounding the Kfar-Matta rive.


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