6.42 mi

Elevation gain

148 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

148 ft

Max elevation

63 ft



Min elevation

-47 ft

Trail type





December 28, 2020


December 2020
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63 ft
-47 ft
6.42 mi

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near Sudbourne, England (United Kingdom)

Park at Sudbourne, All Saints Church. Note the unusual steeple.
Late in the walk you could head for the wrong church which lacks this pointy structure.

Head north into Sudbourne Woods.
After 450 metres, look for a left turn, NW, onto a narrow woodland path.
This path emerges onto a wider track. Head north briefly.
Turn left, NW, woods left, field right.
This path bends west.
At tarmac, turn left and right and continue roughly west, hedge right.
The path bends right, NW, hedge right.
Continue NW into woodland.
At Blacklands Lane, turn left, west, into more woodlands.
At a gravel turning circle for forestry vehicles, turn left, SW, on a wide track.
At the B1078, turn right, NW, for 350 metres.
There alternative are paths parallel with the road.
These involve fence climbing or going briefly off piste.
After the 350 metre road leg, turn left, SW, into a narrow footpath into pines.
Don't use the wider and more obvious track left of the correct path.
Continue SW, crossing another track and merge with a wider path, SW.
Follow this until you can go no further south.
Turn right, west, towards houses.
After the first houses, turn right, north.
This road bends left and dwindles back to a footpath, west, small quarry right.
The path bends left, SW, into woodland, later west.
At the field, turn left, south for 40 metres.
Turn right, west, between fields.
Turn sharp left, SE, on a tree lined path.
At the first house, look for the dragon sitting on the gate post.
Follow Pedlars lane to the main road, village sign, phone box and seat.
Turn left, east, along the B1084.
After the Froize restaurant, turn right, SE, along a footpath to Sudbourne Hall.
The path joins an avenue with the hall ahead.
Turn left, east, lawns and hall right.
Continue SE, cricket pitch and pavilion left.
Continue SE to the gate house. Turn left, NE.
At this junction don't head towards the wrong church in Orford.
Cross the B1084 and continue NE on a narrow footpath.
Pass a reservoir and solar panels, right.
Cross a tarmac lane and continue north back to Sudbourne, All Saints.

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TM 42006 51955, Sudbourne All Saints

TM 42006 51955, Sudbourne All Saints

Froize, Chillesford

Froize, Chillesford




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