10.82 mi

Elevation gain

328 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

328 ft

Max elevation

71 ft



Min elevation

-33 ft

Trail type

  • Photo of 2020-12-07 Ramsholt and Shottisham
  • Photo of 2020-12-07 Ramsholt and Shottisham
  • Photo of 2020-12-07 Ramsholt and Shottisham
  • Photo of 2020-12-07 Ramsholt and Shottisham
  • Photo of 2020-12-07 Ramsholt and Shottisham
  • Photo of 2020-12-07 Ramsholt and Shottisham




December 7, 2020


December 2020
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71 ft
-33 ft
10.82 mi

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near Ramsholt, England (United Kingdom)

CAUTION: The tide can block the coastal section and the flood wall is eroded and could to wash away.
This walk was reversed to reduce the risk of getting stranded and having to walk extra miles.

Park in the public car park at Ramsholt.
Head west out of the car park and pass the Ramsholt Arms.
Head NW along the beach. Tidal flood risk. Stay near the water for several miles.
The path soon joins a flood wall and occasionally enters woodland with steep slopes and steps.
There is some field perimeter walking, always near the river.
Near the end of the coastal leg, the path ahead is fenced off.
Kink left and right across a sleeper bridge.
Climb over the flood wall and head NW along the top edge of the salt marsh. Tidal flood risk.
After the house, right, turn right, NE, along a sandy track.
The path is easy to follow with the private areas fenced off.
At a sturdy gate, turn right, SE. Cross the field then head left, NE.
At a wide sandy track, turn left, NW. Ignore the path ahead.
Follow this track right, NE, when it merges with another.
Before sheds, look right for a narrow gate. The footpath signs are missing.
Head east through the gate, Methersgate Hall right.
Turn right, SE, along the wide Methersgate Hall Lane.
Follow the lane when it bends left, NE.
Turn right, SE, along a smaller farm track.
Turn right, SW, when there is no way ahead.
Turn first left, SE, trees right.
Follow the track when it bends left, east.
At a woodland belt on the left, turn right, south.
Just before a reservoir, turn left, SE.
Turn right, SE, when this road merges with Sutton Street.
Turn left, roughly east to pass Woodhall Manor still on Sutton Street.
Cross the B1083 and head NE across a meadow.
Turn right, east, across a watercourse.
Continue roughly east across fields.
Continue east to allotments. Turn right, south, along Church Lane.
Optionally visit the church (left) or continue south to the Sorrel Horse.
Kink left and right across the village street and continue south along Villa Hill.
The road ends. Continue south on the footpath.
Cross the B1083 and continue roughly south.
At a left bend in the tarmac, turn right, SW, along a wide sandy track, hedge right.
Ignore the first branch right. Pass a reservoir, right. Pass woodland, left.
The path bends right, due west. After 250 metres, turn left, south, hedge left.
At Ramsholt Church, continue south. Ignore a path left. Head right, SW.
Head through two gates into damp grazing near the river.
Follow the path west and later left, SE, wetland right. This meadow is damp.
Head through two more gates and rejoin the outward path along the beach.
Head SE to the pub, then left, east, uphill, back to the car park.

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TM 30923 41446, Ramsholt, IP12 3AB


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