9.77 mi

Elevation gain

335 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

335 ft

Max elevation

128 ft



Min elevation

-45 ft

Trail type





November 26, 2020


November 2020

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128 ft
-45 ft
9.77 mi

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near Bromeswell, England (United Kingdom)

CAUTION: At high tide, the path can flood.

Park at Melton Riverside. Head NW towards the railway line.
Turn left, SW, towards the river and flood wall. Turn left, SE, and follow the flood wall, river right.
At the A1152, Wilford Bridge right, cross over and head north up Brick Kiln Lane.
Cross the railway line and head along Waterhead Lane, NW and west.
Turn left, SW, houses left. Turn right, NW, along Station Road.
Turn left, SW, along the B1438, The Street. Turn right, west, along Woods Lane, A 1152.
Soon after Valley Farm Road, turn left, south, along Leeks Hill.
Continue south into woodland when the road bends right.
Follow the woodland path west and soon NW. The path bends left and emerges onto Saxon Way.
Head south along Saxon Way and very soon, right, west, onto a new footpath.
This path bends left, SW, and emerges on Pytches Road.
Turn left, SE, along Pytches Road and first right into Highlands Lane, SW.
At the end of the road, continue on a footpath. This bends right and left and emerges on Castle Street.
Head left, SE, along Castle Street. Turn right, south, into the Ship Meadow Walk alleyway.
Turn right, west, along Chapel Street and merge with Angel Lane, NW.
Turn left, west, into Waggoners Court. Head west, round the back of the buildings.
This path bends left, south and climbs steps up to Theatre Street.
Turn right, west, along Theatre Street. Then first left into Queens Head Lane.
Cross Seckford Street and enter the park land. Head SW across the grass, aiming for the SW field corner.
Head west along Bridgewood Road. Turn right, NE, along Drybridge Road.
Turn left, west, opposite the entrance to the Seckford Almshouses.
Follow the footpath west and emerge into Colletts Walk. Continue west into Naunton Road and Bullards Lane.
At Bliney Road, head SW through the hedge to the A12. Cross the A12 and continue west on a footpath.
Kink right and left and continue west on the footpath.
Turn left, south. Kink right and left and continue south towards a fancy modern house.
Head past the house using their gravel drive and continue roughly south through the golf course.
Turn left, SE, along Seckford Hall Road. Turn right, south, hall right.
Climb the hill, woodland right. Drop down and head south to the A12.
Climb the steps and cross the A12. Turn left, east, A12 left.
At the roundabout, turn right, south, and zigzag down to Top Street.
Cross under the railway. Turn left, SE, into School Lane.
Turn left, east, onto the first footpath. Follow this east overall.
Turn left, north, to the estuary. Head north and soon east, estuary right.
Follow the flood wall all the way back to the car park and Melton Riverside.
The path drops down to sea level and bends left, north at a point with fine views.
This is the short leg that might flood during high tides.
Head north, either on the flood wall or on an inland path, NW and soon north.
The inland path is more sheltered. Cross the railway and go via the playing fields and amenities.
At the station cross the railway again and rejoin the flood wall heading NE.
The NE path follows the flood wall all the way back to the car park.

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Car park

TM 28811 50299, Melton Riverside

  • Photo of TM 28811 50299, Melton Riverside
TM 28811 50299, Melton Riverside
Train stop


Train stop



Trail can flood at high tide


Red Lion, Martlesham

  • Photo of Red Lion, Martlesham
Red Lion, Martlesham
Car park

TM 27286 48677, Woodbridge


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