9.09 mi

Elevation gain

200 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

200 ft

Max elevation

118 ft



Min elevation

-12 ft

Trail type





November 24, 2020


November 2020

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118 ft
-12 ft
9.09 mi

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near Martlesham, England (United Kingdom)

Much of the river path has washed away so this walk uses a quiet inland lane.
Park at Martlesham Woods behind the Tesco Extra superstore.
Head south along Felixstowe Road for 100 metres.
Turn left, SE, into a woodland footpath.
Continue SE on the woodland path, chalet park left.
Turn left, NE, chalet park still left on the woodland path.
Bear right, south of east. There is a high bank on the right hiding a disused airfield.
Follow this embankment when it bends right, SE.
When the embankment ends, turn right, SW, for 100 metres.
Turn left, SE, hedge left. The path bends right and crosses an open field.
Cross the Ipswich Road and turn left, east.
Use the footpath parallel with the road, hedge left.
Turn right, SE, along Newbourne Road and immediately left, SE, on a sand and mud track.
This track gradually bends left, east. Head east past farm buildings.
Just after Waldringfield Village Hall, turn right, south, school left.
Continue south for 800 metres.
Turn left, east, towards the river along Mill Road.
When Mill Road bends left, continue ahead, east, towards White Hall.
Turn left, north, passing round the back of White Hall.
At a pond with a hole in it, turn right, NE. This path emerges at the river.
Head left, north, to Waldringfield sailing club and the Maybush Inn.
Continue north. The path kinks right and left to avoid a private road.
Continue north, river right.
The river path soon ends, washed away by erosion. Head left, SW, into woodland.
Turn left, SE, along Fishpond Road. The road bends right, SW.
Turn right, NW, along Woodbridge Road. This is part of the Suffolk Coast cycle route.
Continue for 2000 metres, about 30 minutes.
Turn right, north, onto the first signed footpath.
This path bends right round the back of a house, then heads north, woodland right.
At the end of the field, turn left, west for 60 metres.
Turn right twice, doubling back, east, for 120 metres.
Turn left, north across an open field, later hedge left.
Kink left and right and continue NW to the estuary.
Turn left, west, river right. Head through the boatyards.
Head west along the signed right of way through woods.
Turn left, south, and climb some steps.
Cross Church lane and turn left, east, on the footpath parallel with the road.
Head towards the church. At the car park, turn right, south.
Ignore a crossing path and continue south to Waldringfield Road, tarmac.
Cross the road and turn right, west, using the field perimeter path parallel with the road.
After 60 metres, turn left, south, across and open field.
Turn right, west, using the field perimeter path parallel with Newbourne Road.
At a right bend in the road, cross over and head due west into the Martlesham Woods.
Follow this path west back to the car park.

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Car park

TM 24924 46137, Martlesham Woods

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TM 24924 46137, Martlesham Woods

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