9.28 mi

Elevation gain

272 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

272 ft

Max elevation

85 ft



Min elevation

-20 ft

Trail type





November 23, 2020


November 2020
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85 ft
-20 ft
9.28 mi

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near Newbourne, England (United Kingdom)

Park at Newbourne Springs, off Woodbridge Road.
Leave the car park and turn right, SE, along Woodbridge road.
Turn right, SW, along The Street.
Head past the Fox Inn (refreshments).
Follow this road south, west and soon south again.
After a dip and the water mill buildings, continue south up a steep bank into woods.
Leave the road which bends right, SW.
Follow this path south and later SE.
It's well signposted and "Private" signs signal where not to go.
Stay on the main track when the route bends left, NE and soon right, SE.
Kink right and left and continue east on a good track.
Turn left, NE, and head towards barns.
Head roughly east through the farm buildings.
Ignore the first path right, heading SW.
Take the second track, right, south, reservoir left. The water is hidden behind a raised bank.
After woodland, turn right, SW, woodland right.
Turn left, slightly east of south, across an open field.
Turn right, SW, onto a good track which soon bends left, south.
Continue on this track when it bends left, SE, and later south again.
At a silo and concrete hard standing, turn left, east, and head towards the river.
Follow the track left, roughly north, avoiding the private land ahead.
The track bends right, NE, and soon reaches the river.
Turn left, NW, and use the flood wall, river right.
Continue along the flood wall when it meanders round two salt marsh inlets.
At woodland, the flood wall was closed for repairs.
If this re-opens, follow the flood wall, woods left.
If the flood wall is closed, head NW, woodland right.
The woodland path bends right, north, and later east of north.
At houses, the two options meet up again. Head west to the church.
Turn right, north, on tarmac, church right.
The tarmac ends. Continue north on the footpath.
Turn left, west, onto tarmac.
Turn left, south, staying on the tarmac lane.
After a few metres turn right, SW, off the tarmac and cross the open field.
Enter the woodland and drop down using the steps.
At the tarmac road, turn right, SW.
Turn first right, NW, along Woodbridge Road.
Turn left back into the car park at Newbourne Springs.

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TM 27446 43256, Newbourne Springs

TM 27446 43256, Newbourne Springs

Fox, Newbourne

Fox, Newbourne

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