9.53 mi

Elevation gain

118 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

118 ft

Max elevation

81 ft



Min elevation

-44 ft

Trail type

  • Photo of 2020-11-17 Felixstowe
  • Photo of 2020-11-17 Felixstowe
  • Photo of 2020-11-17 Felixstowe
  • Photo of 2020-11-17 Felixstowe
  • Photo of 2020-11-17 Felixstowe
  • Photo of 2020-11-17 Felixstowe




November 17, 2020


November 2020

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81 ft
-44 ft
9.53 mi

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near Felixstowe, England (United Kingdom)

CAUTION: Walk along the beach beside the static caravan park because the sea wall is blocked. If the tide blocks this route, there is a road inland NE from the car park.

This walk started from Chaucer Road avoiding pay and display park park charges.
Head south and join the A154. Turn right, SW, towards Lidl.
Near the store entrance, head SW into park land and continue SW across the entire park.
Turn left, SE, along the A154. Turn second right, SW, along the A154, towards the port.
The road bends right, almost west.
Turn left, south, along Viewpoint Road.
When the pavement ends, cross the bank, left, and walk SW across the heath land.
Head to the car park north of Landguard Fort. There is a fine view of the port here.
Turn left, south and follow the shore to the point.
There is a modern radar tower and many relics from WW2.
At the point, turn left, NE, and follow the shore all the way to Old Felixstowe.
At the static caravan park, avoid the blocked sea wall and use the beach.
If the tide is too high, use the alternative inland road along Manor Terrace.
The route passes the Pier.
After the pier, there are attractive landscaped gardens with a path through.
To avoid steep steps up, use Maybush Road. NE.
Moderately fit people can continue along the sea wall, east.
Head up the steps and follow Martello Lane. Turn right, NE, into Golf Road.
Turn left, west, along High Road East.
Turn first right, north, into Western Avenue.
Turn left, west, into an alley that emerges at the church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul.
Turn right, north along Ferry Road.
At the Community Centre, kink left and right along a footpath, west of north.
Merge with Gosford Way and continue north.
Cross two more roads and enter some countryside with farm land.
Follow the field perimeter north and later left, NW, cutting off the field corner.
Emerge onto Hyems Lane and head SW.
Turn slightly right, NW, into a narrow woodland belt. Drop down and turn left, SW.
Turn right, west, and cross a footbridge. Head through paddocks.
The path heads left, SW, off the access track, through a gate, and across several stiles.
At the final paddock SW corner, cross one more stile and head towards the main road.
Cross the road and continue SW on the footpath. The path bends left, SE.
Enter the playing fields through a gap and turn right, SW, hedges right.
Rejoin Recreation Lane and continue SW.
Turn right, NW, along the High Street. Turn left, SW, into King Street.
Kink right and left and head south along Maidstone Road.
Cross the railway and turn left, SE, along a footpath, railway left.
At Mill Lane, turn left, east. Cross the railway.
Turn right, south into Chaucer Road and return to the start point.

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Car park

TM 29623 34442, Felixstowe


Use the beach


Steps Up


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