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9.1 mi

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near Minoge, Kanagawa (Japan)

4 weeks after twisting my ankle, which led to a sprain and a broken bone, I joined friends for a short hike. I intended to go down from 三ノ塔 for a total map time of 3:40. As I felt the pain was not increasing with time, I made the bold decision to do the complete hike, going to 塔ノ岳 before descending the infamous 大倉尾根 which I particularly dislike for its abundance of stairs, the lack of view and the density of people.

Going uphill was fine and I didn't feel so slow, sometimes passing a few people. Going down was a lot more challenging, not for the pain but rather from the fear of getting further injured. I had to use other movements and that put great strain on knees and calves.

Overall I was not even at 50% of my normal speed but I exceeded largely my objective. I was aiming to do a 3:40 trail in 6 hours. I ended up doing a 6h20 trail in 9 hours

ヤビツ峠 8:32
三ノ塔 10:31
塔ノ岳 13:27-13:45
大倉バス停 17:37:48







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