9.28 mi

Elevation gain

82 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

82 ft

Max elevation

76 ft



Min elevation

-14 ft

Trail type





November 12, 2021


November 2021

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76 ft
-14 ft
9.28 mi

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near Pakefield, England (United Kingdom)

A section of this walk is on the beach beside unstable cliffs.
Keep away from the cliff edge and bottom. There is a real risk of landslides.
At high tide and in stormy weather, there is a risk of getting trapped between the sea and cliffs.
If there is any doubt about the weather or tides, please avoid this part of the beach.
The beach walking is easiest at low tide on the wet sand along the surf line.

Park in Pakefield at the end of All Saints Road. The Pakefield Plaice chip shop is a good landmark.
From the car park, head south, then NE, down the concrete ramp, to the beach.
Head SE to the water's edge and surf line, then roughly south along the surf line.
Go all the way to the Hundred River pumping station, south of Kessingland.
This is about 4 miles. In fine weather with the wind at your back, this leg is a joy.
It can be a drudge otherwise. The high risk cliffs are in the first mile.
In bad conditions, avoid the beach for this leg and consider reversing the route to get a cold wind at your back.
At the pumping station, cross the outfall channel to join this walk onto the Benacre and Covehithe leg.
Now head north, back to Kessingland, keeping away from the shore line.
Pass the caravans, left and use the concrete sea wall when it starts.
In Kessingland, there's The Waterfront Cafe, some toilets and The Sailors' Home pub.
Opposite the cafe, there's a triangle of parkland with seats and a shelter, ideal for a picnic.
Kessingland is roughly half way round the walk if you want to time your arrival for lunch.
Continue north along the concrete sea wall, houses left.
The concrete walking surface ends. 200 metres later, climb 62 steps up to the top of the cliff.
Head inland, then right, NE, along Green Lane and soon, north, into North Cliff.
With the end of the lane in sight, bear left, NW, onto a narrow woodland path.
Emerge from the woods and bear left, roughly west, hedge right. Head all the way to the B1437. Ignore side paths.
Near the main road, the path bends right, left, left through a gap and finally right to the road, hedge right.
Turn right, NE, along the B1437, London Road (old A12 before the bypass).
After 160 metres, cross the road and head west onto a footpath, soon SW.
After 60 metres, the path bends right, NW, hedge right. At a concrete track, turn left, west, towards the A12 bypass.
The track bends right, heads underneath the A12, then left again, SW.
At the end of the concrete, bear right, west, along an uneven track, hedge both sides. Don't cross the open field.
Turn right, north, hedge both sides. Continue north across the open field, no hedges.
Cross under power lines and continue due north to a hedge gap and sleeper bridge, no good landmarks.
Cross the bridge and bear left, NW, across another open field towards two lone trees near the far side.
Head left of tree one and right of tree two, by which time a finger post might be visible.
Bear right, NE, hedge left, along the field perimeter.
At the end of the field, kink left over a sleeper bridge, then right, NE, disused brickworks left.
Continue NE after the gate. At tarmac, continue NE and soon north. The road bends right, NE.
Head east across the A12, then left, north, for 540 metes. Turn right, NE, along Arbor Lane.
Head NE along the footpath, Beach Farm Residential Park, right. Back on a road, continue NE.
Head along the footpath signed to Beach Cliffs. Turn left, north along the cliff top path.
Pass the Oddfellows pub, left. Bear left back into the car park.
Note the back way into the Trowel and Hammer, close to the car park.
Car park

TM 53327 86121, Kessingland Beach

TM 533 861, Kessingland Beach
Car park

TM 53924 90608, Pakefield




62 Steps Up, Kessingland




Oddfellows, Pakefield


Pumping Station


Sailors Home, Kessingland


Trowell and Hammer, Pakefield

Trowell_and_Hammer, Pakefield


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