7.01 mi

Elevation gain

95 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

95 ft

Max elevation

117 ft



Min elevation

-37 ft

Trail type





January 8, 2021


January 2021

Weather Forecast

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Weather Forecast Weather Forecast
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117 ft
-37 ft
7.01 mi

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near Snape, England (United Kingdom)

CAUTION: A section of the coast path can flood at high tide.

Park at Iken Cliffs.
Head NW along the coastal path staying near the waterside.
At the Snape Maltings, optionally divert for refreshments, shopping, toilets and other attractions. Head NW onto the B1069 and turn left, SW.
Follow the B1069 west, then bear right, west, towards Blaxhall.
At Langham Road, turn left, SE, into woodland on a forest track.
Follow this track straight ahead for 2.5 miles or about 50 minutes.
Cross the B1069 and continue ahead, SE on the forest track.
The track bends south.
Cross Tunstall Road (tarmac) and continue ahead, south.
The track bends SE again. At houses continue ahead, SE.
Cross another wide track and continue ahead, SE.
Finally the track bends left, east.
At Snape Road, tarmac, turn right, SE, for 20 metres.
Turn left and head NE through woods and later hedge left, uphill.
Follow this path NE with occasional kinks between fields.
The path bends right, east, woodland right.
After this wood, turn left, NE, hedge right.
Continue ahead, NE, onto Sandy Lane, tarmac.
Follow Sandy Lane NE and east.
At a T junction, turn left, NW, and head towards Iken.
At Church Lane, follow the road left, west.
Optionally divert north along Church Lane to visit Saint Botolph, Iken.
If you visit the church, return along Church Lane.
There is no coastal alternative.
120 metres after the junction with Church Lane, turn right, NW.
Head to the water side and follow the coast path back to the car park.
At high tide and during storm surges this path can flood.
There is a parallel road alternative if the path is under water.

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Car park

TM 40007 56248, Iken

  • Photo of TM 40007 56248, Iken
  • Photo of TM 40007 56248, Iken
  • Photo of TM 40007 56248, Iken
TM 40007 56248, Iken

TM 39362 57348, Snape Maltings


Snape, Plough and Sail


Trail can flood at high tide


    You can or this trail