7.03 mi

Elevation gain

197 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

197 ft

Max elevation

92 ft



Min elevation

-22 ft

Trail type





December 26, 2020


December 2020
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92 ft
-22 ft
7.03 mi

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near Butley, England (United Kingdom)

There are lots of pig farms on this route.
Some of the tracks are churned with deep mud.
The terrain is sandy and well drained and there was always a way through without getting too muddy.

Park on the side road off The Clumps, Butley.
Head north and cross The Clumps.
Continue north on a sandy track between fields.
At the belts of trees, turn right, NE, trees right.
Head NE to St John the Baptist Church, Butley.
Cross Church Road and continue NE, church right.
At a dip that floods in wet conditions, turn slightly left, NE.
Head to the pig feeding silos and continue NE.
Turn right, NE onto Mill Lane on tarmac.
Head past Butley Mills.
Opposite the mill, climb the flood bank.
There are excellent wetland views across the Butley River.
Continue north along Mill Lane.
At Chillesford, turn right then left, north, along Pedlars Lane.
Pedlars Lane bends left, NW.
This is part of the Sandlings route and is well signposted.
At Dale Farm with huge barns, turn right, north, onto tarmac.
After 300 metres, turn left, west, towards the disused Bentwaters airfield.
Follow the little used tarmac lane to the airfield perimeter fence.
Turn left, south and pass St John the Baptist Church, Wantisden.
Cross a track and continue south towards water towers.
By the water towers, the track kinks left and right.
Continue south on the Sandlings route.
At tarmac, turn left, SE, towards Wantisden and Butley.
Head south along the B1084.
At the Butley Oyster, head south along the footpath just right of the pub.
Turn right, SW, towards a reservoir, right.
After the reservoir, head left, SE, trees right.
Near the end of this field-side track, the path diverts right, south, through the belt of trees.
Head south on another sandy track.
Cross The Clumps and head south back to the parking area.

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Butley, The Clumps, TM 36733 49430

Butley, The Clumps, TM 36733 49430
Religious site

St John the Baptist Church Butley

St John the Baptist Church Butley

Butley Mills

Butley Mills
Religious site

St John the Baptist Church Wantisden

St John the Baptist Church Wantisden

Butley, Oyster

Butley, Oyster


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