8.39 mi

Elevation gain

148 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

148 ft

Max elevation

73 ft



Min elevation

-74 ft

Trail type





December 29, 2020


December 2020

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73 ft
-74 ft
8.39 mi

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near Butley, England (United Kingdom)

Park on the side road, off The Clumps.
Walk south along this quiet lane.
When the road bends left, continue ahead, SW, woodland right.
Ignore the parallel path in Rendlesham Forest.
When the way ahead ends, turn left, east, and head to the tarmac road.
Cross over and continue east.
The path bends right, SE, and enters woodland.
Drop down into a wet woodland zone. The terrain is very wet underfoot.
Continue roughly SE to a tarmac road.
Turn left, east, for 180 metres towards Boyton.
Turn right, SE, onto a narrow footpath lacking a sign post.
The path the opposite way is signposted.
Turn left, NE, and head to Mill Lane.
Turn right, SE, along Mill Lane.
Continue SE all the way to the river Ore.
At the flood wall, turn left, NE, and follow the wall.
At Flybury Point, the flood wall bends north.
Turn left, NW, with the Butley River on the right.
Continue along the flood wall to a derelict building.
Continue north, Butley River right.
At Butley Ferry, turn left, west.
This ferry is seasonal and probably not useful for these walks.
Turn right, north, and climb Burrow Hill, high by Suffolk standards.
Continue north and later NW on a good track.
At Butley Low Corner, turn left, SW.
After 230 metres, turn right, north, soon NW.
Follow the track right, NE, to a dip in the terrain.
This dip was flooded but probably dries out completely in summer.
At the dip, turn sharp left, SW, and head to Saint John the Baptist Church, Butley.
Cross Church Road and continue SW on a good track, valley ahead.
Turn left, south and return to the car parking area.

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Car park

Butley, The Clumps, TM 36733 49430

  • Photo of Butley, The Clumps, TM 36733 49430
Butley, The Clumps, TM 36733 49430
Religious site

St John the Baptist Church Butley

  • Photo of St John the Baptist Church Butley
St John the Baptist Church Butley
Car park

TM 36825 48438, Butley


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