8.16 mi

Elevation gain

49 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

49 ft

Max elevation

65 ft



Min elevation

-14 ft

Trail type





December 23, 2020


December 2020

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65 ft
-14 ft
8.16 mi

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near Shingle Street, England (United Kingdom)

Park at Shingle Street.
Head roughly north along the Flood Wall.
This starts parallel with the road and gradually diverges right, east.
When the way north is blocked by a creak, turn left, west, creak right.
At the road (tarmac), turn right, NW, and cross the creak.
Turn right, east, creak right.
When the way east is blocked by the creak, turn left, north.
This leg begins with the North Sea on the right.
The River Ore outfall is the next landmark and the walk heads NE, river right.
After about 30 minutes, 2 km, turn left, NW.
There was a finger post marking this junction.
Head NW between fields. Turn slightly left, NW, woods left.
Turn left, SW, along a sandy track.
Head past prisons, young offender and rehabilitation buildings.
Turn left, south, along Woodbridge Walk.
Follow this road SW between more prison buildings.
After the last prison building, turn left, nearly south, along a restricted byway.
Continue south when this track joins Shingle Street.
Follow Shingle Street when it bends left, east.
Follow Shingle Street when it bends right, south.
Just after the bend, turn right, off the road and head south towards sluices.
Turn right and cross a metal bridge. Head SW, meadow left.
This path zigzags without junctions, south, west, SW, SE, SW and finally SE.
Head towards the coast. Climb the bank onto the flood wall.
Head NE along the flood wall towards the Martello Tower.
Drop down off the flood wall and head to the right of the Martello Tower.
Head NE along the beach or use the road if you prefer.
Head past the coastguard lookout.
There is an interesting antenna in disrepair, originally used as a navigation aid.
Head back to the car park.

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Car park

TM 36979 43133, Shingle Street

  • Photo of TM 36979 43133, Shingle Street
  • Photo of TM 36979 43133, Shingle Street
TM 36979 43133, Shingle Street


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