9.5 mi

Elevation gain

358 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

358 ft

Max elevation

100 ft



Min elevation

-34 ft

Trail type





November 29, 2020


November 2020

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100 ft
-34 ft
9.5 mi

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near Bromeswell, England (United Kingdom)

Park at Melton Riverside. Head NW towards the railway station.
Turn left, SW, towards the flood wall and river. Turn left, SE, along the flood wall, river right.
Follow the flood wall to the A1152. Turn right, SE, along the A1152 and cross Wilford Bridge.
Soon after the bridge, turn left, east, into woodland and along board walks.
The path comes out onto Common Lane, Head left, NE. Near the church, turn right, roughly south.
Just after Bromeswell village hall, turn right, west, into woodland. There are ponds.
Near the Unruly Pig, cross the A1152 and head SW into the golf course.
Head SW across the golf course. The footpath is well signed with finger posts.
Take care not to deviate along bigger golf course tracks.
Kink right and left to cross the B1083. Head SW, paddocks right.
The path bends right, west, onto tarmac. This is the access road to the Sutton Hoo ship burial.
Consider pausing the walk to visit the ship burial museum.
Head NW, buildings right, across an attractive landscaped area.
Bend left, west, along the Valley Path and drop into the valley with rising ground on both sides.
At the bottom, turn left, SW, onto tarmac. Turn right, west, Dairy Farm right.
Follow this path west and later SW, down to the river. Head along the riverside path river right.
There are good views of the boatyards across the river at Woodbridge.
Turn left, south, up steps. Turn left, east, woodland and river left.
Turn right, south, woodland left. Turn left, roughly east, woodland left.
Turn right, south, woodland left. Turn left, SE, across an open field.
In 2020, this was mown lawn being grown for turf.
Cross a road and head a little east of due south, woodland left.
Stay on this heading until Methersgate Hall.
Ignore the first road left. Zigzag right and left through the buildings.
Very soon after the buildings, go through a small gate, east, Methersgate Hall right.
The footpath signs were missing.
After houses left, turn left, NE. Follow this path NE.
After woodland, left, the right of way heads NE across open fields.
This was not signposted and the downloaded GPS track became very useful.
Eventually the unsigned path merges with a farm track. Head NE.
Turn left, NW, and use the path through the trees, parallel road right.
At the end of the belt of trees, turn right, NE, and cross the B1083.
Head NE on the golf club access road. Follow this road and footpath NE.
Pay attention to the finger posts showing the correct line.
Drop into a shallow dip and climb the other side, still NE.
Go through a gate and head NE on a wide sandy track.
Kink left and right and head north on a footpath parallel with the sandy track.
Turn left, west. Turn right, north, through pine trees. Drop down to the A1152.
Kink left and right and head NW along School Lane.
Near the church, turn left, west, along Common Lane. The road bends left, SW.
Before the A1152, turn right, off the tarmac and drop down to the board walks.
Head west, river right. Turn right, NW, along the A1152 and cross Wilford Bridge.
Turn left, west, along the flood wall, river left.
Turn right, NE, down steps and head NW back to the car park.

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Car park

TM 28811 50299, Melton Riverside

Train stop



Unruly Pig

  • Photo of Unruly Pig
Unruly Pig


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