9.11 mi

Elevation gain

407 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

407 ft

Max elevation

163 ft



Min elevation

-27 ft

Trail type





September 11, 2020


September 2020

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163 ft
-27 ft
9.11 mi

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near Ravenswood, England (United Kingdom)

CAUTION: The Orwell Bridge is unsafe in high winds.
Add one mile if you'd prefer to start this walk from Ipswich railway station.

Park at TM 19039 40960.
Head west out of the car park and do not cross the A14.
Head west parallel with the A14.
There are two paths. The right hand option has a bit less traffic noise.
From the right hand path, kink left and right to stay close to the A14.
Go through a narrow metal gap and turn left, south.
Just before the A14 bridge, turn left up the embankment. Zigzag up to the A14.
Turn right, west and cross the bridge, 0.82 miles.
There are excellent views but the traffic noise is intrusive.
After the crossing, turn right and climb down the steep embankment aiming NW.
Avoid the concrete paved steps because the way down is even steeper.
Bear right, SE, and cross under the A14. Continue SE towards the Suffolk Food Hall.
Optionally visit the hall. Head NE along the access road towards the bridge and river.
Turn right, SE, along the B1456 and head to the lay-by.
Turn sharp left, NE, and follow the flood defence wall back under the Orwell bridge.
Continue NW along the flood wall to the boatyard.
After the boatyard, continue NW and soon north around the harbour.
Continue north along the A137. At the roundabout, turn right, east, towards Virginia Street.
Head NE along the litter strewn Virginia Street. Have your mace spray and rape alarm handy!
Head east towards the river across some scabby parkland.
Continue NE along Discovery Avenue. Turn right and left and head along the nicer riverside path.
(At the end of Dock Street, Ipswich railway station is half a mile to the west along the river path.)
At the end of Dock Street, turn right, north and cross the River Orwell.
Turn right, east, along St Peter's Dock and soon left, east, along Albion Quay.
Follow the harbour with moored boats, right. The path swings right, south.
Turn left, NE, into Patteson Road. At the roundabout, continue NE into Myrtle Road.
Bear right and enter Holywells Park. Briefly head east. Then turn right, south, ponds right.
At Cliff Lane, turn left, east. Turn right, south, into Landseer Park.
Follow the woodland perimeter path, south, east, south, east and finally across open grassland, SE.
Leave the park and head south along Hogath Road and then right, SW, into Raeburn Road.
Cross Landseer Road and continue SW along Raeburn Road.
At car parking for Orwell Country Park, Piper's Vale, head south into the park.
Bear right through a narrow gap and continue SW and later south through the woodland.
Drop down and converge with the river. Head under the A14 Orwell Bridge.
Continue south along the riverside path.
Cross a small tributary stream and head SE along the beach.
Kink left and right onto the signposted Stour and Orwell Walk.
Turn left, NE, following the signs and cross a board walk.
The path bends north following power lines. Turn right, east, onto a wider woodland path, uphill.
Kink right and left, NE, and head past a car park.
Continue NE to the A14 and head north across the bridge. Turn right into the car park.

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Car park

Ipswich, TM 19039 40960

  • Photo of Ipswich, TM 19039 40960
Ipswich, TM 19039 40960
Car park

Ipswich Bridge Wood, TM 18794 40829

  • Photo of Ipswich Bridge Wood, TM 18794 40829
Ipswich Bridge Wood, TM 18794 40829
Train stop

Ipswich Station


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