5.63 mi

Elevation gain

449 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

449 ft

Max elevation

139 ft



Min elevation

-8 ft

Trail type





September 10, 2020


September 2020

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139 ft
-8 ft
5.63 mi

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near Ravenswood, England (United Kingdom)

This six mile walk has fantastic views but intrusive traffic noise.
This route bypasses the route through central Ipswich, also interesting.
CAUTION: This walk is unsafe in high winds!

Park at Ipswich, Bridge Wood.
Head SW along the road from the car park into the woodland.
When the road becomes private, turn left, roughly west, along a wide woodland path.
Follow this path west and later left, south, to the estuary.
Depending on the tide, head right, NW, along the beach or on the higher footpath.
Cross a tributary stream.
Cross under the A14 and turn right, east, parallel with the road.
Turn right, south, and cross under the A14 a second time.
Follow this track when it bends left, east.
Climb the steps up to to the A14.
It's possible to divert via a maintenance path to get an interesting view of the bridge.
At the A14, turn left, west, and cross the Orwell.
This leg is 0.84 miles and there are fantastic views towards Felixstowe.
The traffic noise is intrusive.
At the end of the bridge, turn left, south, and head down the embankment.
The path bends left, east. Cross a stile and turn right, roughly south.
Optionally divert via the Suffolk Food Hall.
Turn left, NE, along the Food Hall access road.
Turn right, SE along the B1456 and head to the lay-by (left).
Turn sharp left and head NE along the flood defence wall, estuary right.
Cross under the A14 yet again and head NW along the flood defence.
At the boatyard, follow the marked footpath and cross the B1456 again.
Head south and immediately SE along the footpath, houses left.
Cross an open field, SE.
Cross an access track.
Head SE and climb the embankment up to the A14.
It's possible to divert via a maintenance path under the bridge to get an interesting view.
At the A14, turn left, east, and cross the river, 0.84 miles.
There are fantastic views towards Ipswich with more intrusive traffic noise.
At the end of the bridge, head left and zigzag down the embankment.
This narrow path emerges onto a wide track. Turn right, NE for 50 metres.
Turn right, SE, and walk parallel with the A14 along the woodland path.
Emerge at the bridge over the A14 and head right, south, across towards the car park.
After the bridge, turn right, west then SW, towards the Bridge Wood car park.

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Car park

Ipswich Bridge Wood, TM 18794 40829

  • Photo of Ipswich Bridge Wood, TM 18794 40829
Ipswich Bridge Wood, TM 18794 40829
Car park

Ipswich, TM 19039 40960


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