7.86 mi

Elevation gain

148 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

148 ft

Max elevation

120 ft



Min elevation

0 ft

Trail type

  • Photo of 2020-08015 Outney Common and Hedenham
  • Photo of 2020-08015 Outney Common and Hedenham
  • Photo of 2020-08015 Outney Common and Hedenham
  • Photo of 2020-08015 Outney Common and Hedenham
  • Photo of 2020-08015 Outney Common and Hedenham
  • Photo of 2020-08015 Outney Common and Hedenham




August 23, 2020


August 2020

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120 ft
0 ft
7.86 mi

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near Bungay, England (United Kingdom)

Meet at the Outney Common car park near Bungay golf club. Head NE towards the pond, left.
Turn left, NW, onto the gated access track. Bear right, NW, caravan park right.
Go through the gate and head roughly north across the meadows on the obvious track.
The cattle are calm because so many walkers use this path.
Cross a footbridge and go through the gate. Head NE towards another gate.
Go through another gate and cross two footbridges. This area is used by wild swimmers.
The NW end of the island is worth a small diversion. If it's quiet and you stay still, you might spot a kingfisher.
Head into the woodland and soon turn left, NW. Go through a gate and cross the meadow and drive.
The drive is not a right of way. Go through the opposite gate and head uphill onto the ridge-top path.
There are fine views over the common, especially in winter. Sections of this path get muddy in winter.
Later, there's a parallel field edge path. Continue on this path until Free Lane, tarmac.
Turn right, north onto Free lane. The road soon bends right, east. Ignore a footpath, left.
At the B1332, turn right, SE, towards Bungay. Turn first left, north, into Draper's Lane.
Merge into Baker's Lane, NW. Cross Belsey Bridge road and head roughly north on the footpath.
Drop into the dip and cross the footbridge. Continue roughly north out of the valley, hedge left.
Head north towards a large barn. The path crosses open fields.
The path had not been reinstated so there was some guesswork here.
Near the barn, turn left, west, along a wide access track, woodland right.
Kink left and right through farm buildings, still on the wide track. Head west.
At a left bend, turn right off the wide track and go through a gate.
Cross the field slightly north of west on a smaller track towards another gate.
Go through and continue, woodland left. Head west on a wide track through two more gates.
Keep right and cross the meadow, NW. Aim for the right hand gate in the NW corner of the field.
Go through and head NW. Very soon, bear left off the track to the next gate.
Go through and head west across the open field aiming for the church.
Just before the road, turn left through a gate into the churchyard. Visit Saint Peter's Church, Hedenham.
After the church, head south along Church Road. At the B1332, kink left and right to cross over into Earsham Road.
This road is somewhat busy. It's possible to avoid a stretch by turning right, close to the pond.
The right of way goes through people's gardens and stays close to the pond.
After the pond, continue south, then bear right onto the Willow Farm access road.
Rejoin Earsham Road and head south. Ignore Sexton Road, right.
After a wide right bend with a copse, left, turn left, SE, copse left.
Follow the line of oaks, SE, then cross the open field, SE, aiming for a house.
Aim for the corner of the property, cross a sleeper bridge and zigzag through stacks of wooden pallets and a buried car.
Turn left, east, onto Pound Lane, tarmac, between more stacks of pallets. Ignore Fenn Lane, left.
After a long straight stretch, at a house, the road bends left. Before this house, turn right, south, hedge and house left.
Cross the field, then turn right, west, along Free Lane, tarmac, houses left. Free Lane bends left, south.
At the last house, turn left, east, along the ridge-top path, Bigod Way.
Drop down and cross the meadow and drive which is not a right of way. Head into the woodland and turn right, SW.
Cross three footbridges and go through two gates to cross the grazing.
After the final gate, head SE past the caravan park.
Cross the gated access track and near the dog poo bin, turn right towards the pond.
Head SW past the pond and back to the car park.

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Car park

TM 33151 90085, Outney Common


TM 33471 89983, Green Dragon, Bungay


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