6.76 mi

Elevation gain

95 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

95 ft

Max elevation

207 ft



Min elevation

112 ft

Trail type





July 2, 2020


July 2020

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207 ft
112 ft
6.76 mi

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near Horham, England (United Kingdom)

Park at the Horham Community Centre. Head NW towards the church.
Optionally divert via the church then continue NW on the lane off the B1117.
Head NW past the village hall and Old School Social Club. After the last house, keep left, not on the track, hedge left.
Turn right, NE, fence left, ditch right. Emerge onto concrete and turn left, NW.
Head through the gap or gate and turn right, NE, onto the disused runway.
Follow the runway to a clump of trees. Bear left, NW, trees left.
After the trees, turn left onto the line of the old runway 30. Head NW.
At a gate, cross another runway and continue along the old runway 30.
Keep left at a ditch. Kink right and left and continue along runway 30.
Most of the concrete has been removed to increase the area for cultivation.
At the end of the runway, turn right, north, and head towards some trees.
Near the trees, turn right, NE, trees and power lines left.
Stay close to the trees and bear left, crossing under the power lines.
Head roughly north on a wide track, soon potholed tarmac.
Ignore a road, right. Continue north. Ignore a footpath left. Continue north.
At a junction and buildings, turn right, east, onto a woodland path. Continue east, trees right.
Kink left and right and continue east, trees both sides.
Turn left, north, trees both sides. Turn right, NE, trees both sides.
At the end of the woodland path, head NE, trees left.
At a wide track, turn right, SE, and soon south, trees right.
At a left bend, turn right, south, off the wide track. Follow the grassy oath south, trees both sides.
At a concrete parking area, continue south through a gate, barn left.
At a pond, left, turn left, east onto a grassy path, pond left, trees both sides.
At an open field, turn right, south, hedge right. Cross a sleeper bridge and turn left, east, hedge left.
Drop down to the valley bottom.
Valley Farm gets a gold star for the excellent state of their footpaths.
Cross the stream and continue east on a concrete drive. Follow this east, all the way to the main road into Stradbroke.
At the main road, continue east into the small town.
Turn right towards Framlingham on the B1118. Pass the Ivy House (refreshments).
Pass the Stradbroke Pool (alternative start point).
After Stradbroke High School, keep left and aim for the dog poo bin. Follow the footpath, SE, school left, later hedge left and soon open field. After the open field, bear right, south, hedge left. At the field corner, drop down into a sunken woodland path, south. At the lane, turn right, SW, and follow the power lines towards a house. Near the house, turn left, SE, through narrow gap and a galvanised gate into a paddock.
Keep left across the paddock and leave by another gate in the SE corner.
Turn right, roughly west, onto a wide tarmac road B1118.
Turn left off the main road and head SE towards Kersley Hall on tarmac.
Ignore a left turn towards farm buildings. After Wretts Lodge, turn left off the road, SE, hedge left.
Cross the footbridge and turn right, SW, hedge and ditch right.
Drop down to the valley bottom, and cross the footbridge. Turn right, NW, stream bed right. Ignore a right turn to farm buildings. Turn left, SW, trees right. Ignore a crossing footpath. Continue SW then turn right along a signed but narrow bridleway, NW. After a house, bear left, west, along the access lane. At the main road, continue west, later NW, back to the Community Centre.

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Car park

TM 21046 72368, Horham

  • Photo of TM 21046 72368, Horham
TM 21046 72368, Horham

Ivy House, Stradbrooke

  • Photo of Ivy House, Stradbrooke
  • Photo of Ivy House, Stradbrooke
Ivy House, Stradbrooke
Car park

TM 22964 73619, Community Centre, Stradbrooke

  • Photo of TM 22964 73619, Community Centre, Stradbrooke
TM 22964 73619, Community Centre, Stradbrooke


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