7.61 mi

Elevation gain

46 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

46 ft

Max elevation

223 ft



Min elevation

163 ft

Trail type





June 22, 2020


June 2020

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223 ft
163 ft
7.61 mi

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near Worlingworth, England (United Kingdom)

Park at Worlingworth Community Centre. Head back to the main road and turn left, NW, through the village. Soon after Cordy's Meadow, turn left south over a footbridge, no hedges. Cross under power lines and continue south. Turn right, west, hedge left for 40 metres. Turn left, south, across a bridge, then left, east, hedge left. After 55 metres, turn right, SE, hedge left. The path kinks left and right. Continue SE, hedge left. Turn right, SW, onto tarmac. Turn left, SW, onto the main road. After one house, turn right, west, hedge right, house left. Cross a footbridge. Continue west, hedge left. Cross an earth bridge over a ditch. Continue SW, (255°) across the open field. Later continue SW, hedge left. At tarmac, cross over and follow the leafy tunnel footpath, west. Ignore a stile. Instead, turn right NW, still in the leafy tunnel. Cross a stile and sleeper bridge. Continue NW, hedge left. Continue NW through the galvanised gate, ditch left, later hedge left. Continue NW across an open field. Cross a ditch. Continue NW across open fields. Cross a footbridge, slight left turn, and continue NW across another open field. Continue NW, woodland left.

At a house cross the tarmac and aim NW. Kink right and left into the field and head NW, hedge left with tarmac on the far side of the hedge. After 70 metres, turn right, north, and cross the open field diagonally. Turn left, NW, woodland right. After 70 metres, turn right across a footbridge, NE, hedge right. After 165 metres, turn left and head diagonally for the north corner of the field. Turn left, NW, cross a footbridge, hedge right. At a house, cross some lawn and turn right, roughly east, onto tarmac. After the village sign, left, turn left, NW, to visit the church. After the church, retrace your steps back to the road and continue east. Ignore a footpath right. 90 metres later note the sign, left, into a garden.

This is the preferred route but there may be a missing bridge. Follow the sign, SW, through the garden and stay near the stream. Head through a gate, then, SW, left of a shed. This is the site of the missing bridge. If it has been replaced, cross over and turn right, NE, stream right. Follow this path, NE, to tarmac. Kink right and left over the stream and head NE.

Continue east ignoring the footpath sign, left. At a T junction, turn left, roughly north, large pond right. After 500 metres, turn right, NE, stream and hedge left.

Head NE, hedge left. Continue NE across an open field. Go through the gap, then right, SE, hedge right. Turn left, NE, hedge right. Cross the footbridge, then turn right, roughly south, hedge right. At a bridge, do not cross. Instead, turn left and head SE, hedge right. Turn left, east, hedge right. Turn right, south over a bridge and through the first gate. Turn left, east, through the second gate, hedge left. Kink left and right, through a gate and continue east, hedge right. Go through a gate and continue east, hedge right, barns left. Go through the final gate, then right, SE, on tarmac.

Turn left, NE, Sax Vehicle Services, left. After a barn, left, turn right, south, across a bridge, onto a signed footpath and note the memorial. Go through the gate, cross the sleeper bridge, head south, garden right, ditch left. At a drive, kink right and left and continue south on the lane. Turn left onto the road. After 15 metres, bear right, south, on gravel (not concrete). Ignore a drive left. Cross the sleeper bridge and head south hedge left. Cross a stile and sleeper bridge. Continue south, hedge left. Cross a tarmac drive and keep left on grass, hedge left. Cross a drive and keep left, hedge left. Turn left, east, over a stile and bridge into woodland. Continue east passing farm equipment, right. Kink left and right, east, down a bank and over a bridge, hedge right. Turn right, south, over a sleeper bridge, hedge right, houses right. Bear left, SE, houses right. Turn right, south, through the gap, between houses. Then head south down the alleyway. Turn left, SE, onto Shop Street. Turn right, south, back to the community centre.

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Car park

TM 22324 68232, Worlingworth Community Centre

  • Photo of TM 22324 68232, Worlingworth Community Centre
TM 22324 68232, Worlingworth Community Centre

Missing Bridge

Three Missing Sleeper Bridges


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