4.6 mi

Elevation gain

75 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

75 ft

Max elevation

235 ft



Min elevation

149 ft

Trail type

  • Photo of 2020-06-18 Worlingworth
  • Photo of 2020-06-18 Worlingworth
  • Photo of 2020-06-18 Worlingworth
  • Photo of 2020-06-18 Worlingworth




June 19, 2020


June 2020

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235 ft
149 ft
4.6 mi

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near Worlingworth, England (United Kingdom)

Park at Worlingworth Community Centre.
Head back to the main road and turn left, NW, along Shop Street, through the village.
Soon after the Willows Nursery, turn right, north, on the signposted footpath.
At the field, turn left, NW, soon north, and follow the field perimeter, hedge left.
At the end of the field, cross a sleeper bridge and turn right, roughly east.
At the first opportunity, turn left, NW, hedge right.
At the end of the field, turn left, west, and soon right, north, across a footbridge.
Head north between the farm buildings. Left of two silos, go through the gate.
Turn right, east, buildings right. Go through a hedge gap and continue NE, hedge left.
Ignore a gap. At the end of the hedge, turn left, NW, hedge left.
Continue west of north, farm buildings left.
Continue west of north across an 80 metre open field.
Cross a footbridge and turn right, NE, ditch right.
Ignore a footpath left. Continue NE.
Ignore a path right. Kink left and right and continue NE, hedge right.
Kink left and right to cross the tarmac. Head roughly east, hedge right.
At woodland, turn left, north, woodland right.
Turn right and cross a footbridge. Turn left, north, and head through the woodland.
Turn right, east, and cross a footbridge.
Leave the woodland and head due east across the open field. This path is not always cleared.
At 2.35 miles into the walk, well before the end of the field, turn right, SE, 152 degrees.
Head SE, farm buildings left, to the tarmac road.
Cross the tarmac and continue SE, fence left.
At the end of the field, continue SE, down a bank, then turn right, SW, ditch right.
Ignore a path left. Continue SW to woodland. Turn right, then left, west, to skirt the woodland.
The path bends left, south, ditch right, woodland right.
Turn right, west, woodland right. Turn left, south, ditch right.
Turn right, west. Cross a footbridge. Head west, hedge right then across an open field.
Cross a footbridge. Cross the tarmac. Cross a second footbridge.
Turn left, south, ditch left and tarmac road left.
At the signed footpath, turn right, SW, ditch left.
Cross a path. Continue SW, ditch and trees left.
Cross a footbridge, SW, hedge left.
Turn left, south and cross a sleeper bridge, hedge right.
Follow the field perimeter south and later SE, hedge right.
Turn right, south, between the houses. Continue south into the footpath alley.
Turn left onto tarmac and head SE along Shop Street.
Turn right, south, into the Community Centre car park.

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Car park

TM 22324 68232, Worlingworth Community Centre


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