6.43 mi

Elevation gain

23 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

23 ft

Max elevation

221 ft



Min elevation

150 ft

Trail type





June 12, 2020


June 2020
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221 ft
150 ft
6.43 mi

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near Stradbroke, England (United Kingdom)

Park at the Stradbroke Pool and Community Centre. There are a lot more spaces through the gate near the playing fields. Head back to B1118 Wilby Road and turn right, south, for 180 metres. Soon after Stradbroke High School, at the dog poo bin, bear left, SE, away from the road on a footpath, houses right, school left. Continue SE, hedge left. Continue SE across the open field. At the hedge corner, turn left, east, hedge right. Follow the field perimeter to the entrance gap.
Kink right and left onto tarmac and head NE for 440 metres.
Before a left bend in the tarmac, kink right and left off the road and head NE, hedge left.
Cross a footbridge and head NE across an open field. Cross a footbridge and turn right, SE, hedge right.
At a gap, ignore the path left and continue SE, hedge right.
Kink left and right and continue south, hedge right. Ignore a path left. Continue south, hedge right.
Turn right west. Do NOT cross the footbridge. Turn left, south, hedge right.
Turn left, east. Turn right and cross the footbridge, roughly south, hedge right.
Turn left, NE, then turn right across the footbridge, SE, between fields, ditch left.
Ignore a path left. Kink left and right across the footbridge and continue SE, ditch right.
Turn right, SW, onto tarmac, London City Road. Head towards the church of St. Mary, Wilby.
After Coronation Hall, Wilby, turn right, NW. Follow the road left, west, to the church.
This is 2.6 miles into the walk. Take a break and explore the church. After the church, continue west.
Before the road junction and the black out-building, turn left, south, onto the signed footpath.
Continue east of south, passing vegetable plots and later hedge left.
Continue SE, ditch left and cross under power lines. Kink right and left and continue east of south, ditch left. Cross a footbridge and continue east of south, hedge left.
Turn left, east, hedge left. Ignore the lane ahead and bear right, SE, hedge left.
At an oak tree, turn right, SW, ditch left. After 60 metres turn left, south, and cross the open field.
Turn right across the footbridge and head SW, ditch right. Turn left, SE, ditch right, then hedge right.
After a few paces, turn right into an enclosed path. Bring secateurs as this is becoming overgrown.
After the enclosed path continue SW towards farm buildings.
Turn right, NW, onto tarmac. After Frogs Hall and telegraph pole number 8, turn left off the tarmac.
Cross a sleeper bridge and head SW, hedge left. Turn right, NW, onto tarmac.
Just after telegraph pole 05, turn right over the footbridge and head north, fence left.
Kink right and left across the tarmac and continue west of north, across the meadow, hedge left.
Turn right, east, to avoid crossing the open field. Turn left, north, hedge right.
Ignore a crossing path. Continue north, downhill, ditch right.
At the bottom of the valley, kink right and left across the ditch.
Head north across the open field. The path was not reinstated.
If the crop blocks your path, try following the right hand field perimeter east and later north.
Turn right, NE, onto tarmac. Join the B1118 and continue roughly east. Cross under power lines.
About 30 metres later before the right bend, turn left, NW, through the kissing gate.
Cross the horses' paddock, boundary right. Head through a second kissing gate, then right, NE, onto a gravel drive for 45 metres. Before the nissen hut, turn left, north, hut right, through woodland.
Continue north, hedge right. Rejoin the outward path. Bear left, NW, across the open field, houses ahead, school playing fields ahead right.
Continue NW, hedge right. Head north past the entrance to Stradbroke High School.
Turn left, west, towards Stradbroke Pool and the Community Centre.

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Ivy House, Stradbrooke

Ivy House, Stradbrooke

White Hart, Stradbrooke


TM 22964 73619, Community Centre, Stradbrooke

TM 22964 73619, Community Centre, Stradbrooke
Religious site

Saint Mary, Wilby

Saint Mary, Wilby


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