5.22 mi

Elevation gain

144 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

144 ft

Max elevation

183 ft



Min elevation

81 ft

Trail type





May 27, 2020


May 2020

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183 ft
81 ft
5.22 mi

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near Thorndon, England (United Kingdom)

Park in Thorndon near All Saints Church. Head NW through the village and past the Black Horse.
Turn first left, west, along Stanwell Green.
At the end of the road, bare right and cross Thwaite Road. Head NE for a few paces.
Turn left, west, into attractive woodland on a footpath. Cross a sleeper bridge. Head SW into a field, hedge right.
Turn right, cross a footbridge, turn right and head NE into a mature poplar grove.
Turn left. Cross the ditch. Climb out of the wood and head NW, hedge right.
At a gap, continue NW, ditch and hedge right. Turn right, north, farm buildings left.
Turn left, west, after the last barn. Turn right, north, between cylindrical silos, hedge right.
Drop down and before a gate, turn left, west, stream right. Turn right, cross a footbridge and a stile.
Head NW, diagonally across a field and cross another stile in the far corner.
Turn right, cross the river Dove and head slightly east of north across an open field.
Cross the tarmac lane and grassy triangle. Turn right and head east, bending left, soon NE towards Braiseworth.
The tarmac bends right, east. Turn left, NW and soon north, on the signposted footpath.
This was overgrown but passable with secateurs. An alternative route ahead and then left on tarmac lanes is possible.
After the short overgrown leg, head north, hedge left. Cross a ditch and head north across a narrow field.
Head north through an overgrown hedge gap. Turn right, east, hedge right.
Cross a footbridge and turn left, north, hedge left. At the end of the field, turn right, east, hedge left.
Before the end of the field, turn left, north, through the gap, hedge right.
At the tarmac lane, turn right, east, soon SE. At Saint Mary's Braiseworth, turn right, SW, on tarmac.
After a few paces, turn left, over two stiles and head east into the orchard.
Continue east under power lines to a reservoir. Turn right, south, fence left. Look out for a stile after about 60 metres.
Turn left, over the stile and head east down the bank and cross the sleeper bridge.
At the bottom, turn right, SW, and head along the woodland path.
At the road, turn left, slightly south of east, towards a fine farmhouse.
Bare left, east, onto gravel, avoiding the farmhouse. Head east between the farm buildings.
Head east, passing a cemetery and chapel. Kink right and left off the main track.
Head SE, hedge left and a newly planted (2020) hedge right.
Go through a gate. Cross the meadow, south, and head for another gate. Go through the gate and cross the river Dove.
Head south, under the power lines across a narrow field. Aim for the gap.
Head SE along the track, hedge both sides, soon hedge right.
Turn right, SW, along the tarmac lane to the sewage works.
Head SW on the tarmac and cross the stream. Turn left, south into a meadow, sewage works and stream, left.
Head south to the far end of the meadow.
Bare right, uphill and cross a stile and footbridge.
Head south and kink left and right into woodland.
Follow the meandering path through the woodland, S, SE, SW, S.
In the wood, there is a footbridge and board walk.
Head south, uphill, on a sunken path and emerge at a children's play area.
Head south on tarmac to the Black Horse.
At the pub, turn left, SE, through the village.
Return to the car park by the church.

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Car park

TM 14213 69610, Thorndon

  • Photo of TM 14213 69610, Thorndon
  • Photo of TM 14213 69610, Thorndon
  • Photo of TM 14213 69610, Thorndon
TM 14213 69610, Thorndon

Black Horse, Thorndon

  • Photo of Black Horse, Thorndon
Black Horse, Thorndon


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