8.01 mi

Elevation gain

95 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

95 ft

Max elevation

180 ft



Min elevation

24 ft

Trail type





May 26, 2020


May 2020

Weather Forecast

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Weather Forecast Weather Forecast
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180 ft
24 ft
8.01 mi

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near Eye, England (United Kingdom)

There are five walk mileages on the Waveney Ramblers website map ...
1 - 1.75 - ABDEA
2 - 3.6 - ABCDEA
3 - 4.7 - AIFGHIA
4 - 6.25 - ABDEFGHIA
5 - 8.0 - ABCDEFGHIA

Start from the Pennings Nature reserve and head north along Ludgate Causeway.
Turn left, west, along the B1117, towards Eye church. Enter the churchyard via the east gate.
Head through the cemetery. Turn left, south, back to the main road.
Head west along B1117. Turn right up Castle Hill and divert into the castle grounds.
There are excellent views from the top of the mound. Continue north along Castle Hill.
Go NW under the arch and down the steps. Head north out of the car park.
Turn left, west, along church street. Turn right, north, into Dove Lane.
Turn left, NW, along Wellington Road. Turn right, north, along the cycle and footpath.
Cross the bridge and stream. Turn left, west, between a garage and a house on a narrow path.
Turn left, south, and soon right, west, and head to the main B1077.
Kink left and right, crossing the B1077, and head SW, watercourse right.
The path bends right, a little north of west. Join a larger path and head west for a few metres.
Turn right NW, school grounds left. Cross Castleton Way and continue NW, between houses.
Head NW passing allotments, left. Continue NW. The path kinks left and right and joins concrete.
Follow the road north. At a T junction, turn right, east, still on concrete.
Before a left bend, turn right, SE, onto a footpath, mature ash tree left.
Turn left, NE, hedge left. Turn right, SE, hedge left. Turn left, NE, hedge left.
Turn right, south, hedge left. Turn sharp left and head NE along the B1077.
Turn right, SE, along Century Road. Turn first left, NE, onto a gravel track.
At the end of the houses, turn right, south. Kink right and left onto a tarmac footpath. Head south.
Turn first left, east, into Maple Way. Head east through the estate.
Near the end, head SE through gaps and over s stile. Cross the open field a little north of east.
Aim for the left end of a hedgerow spur. Turn right, SE, hedge right. Drop down to a gate and concrete road. Head east along the road which bends right, south. At the B1117, cross over and head south through the small gate (for plebs). Walk south along the drive with the fancy gates. Turn left and follow the line of tall poplars. Head NE through two gates. Head NE across the last field and cross a stile. Turn right onto tarmac and head SE. Cross a tarmac road. Don't go into the farm through the wide gate. Use the small path south of the farm. Head east. Kink left and right and continue east, soon SE, hedge right. Kink right and left and continue SE, hedge left. The path bends east. Enter a patch of woodland and continue east. Continue east, hedge left. At tarmac, turn right, south, soon SE. At East Farm, turn right, west, hedge right. Kink right and left and continue west, hedge left.
Kink right and left through a gap and continue west, hedge left. The path bends NW.
Cross a tarmac road. Continue NW, hedge right. The path bends west.
Turn left, south, then right, NW, across a tidy mown area.
Pass houses and continue NW. Cross a tarmac road and head NW, hedge right.
At a figer post, turn left, west, across the open field. Turn right, north along a sunken path.
Turn left, SW, along a woodland path. Emerge onto tarmac and head west, later NW.
Turn left into the Pennings car park.

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Car park

TM 15127 73752, The Pennings, Eye


Eye Castle

  • Photo of Eye Castle
  • Photo of Eye Castle
Eye Castle

Queens Head, Eye

Car park

TM 14396 73851, Eye


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